Kragthorpe breaks down first practice

Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe talks about the first day of practice for the 2009 season. has highlights of his post-practice press conference, plus audio.

What are your thoughts on the first practice? It was great. We're finally back out here. After waiting for four months from spring practice it was good to finally get back out here and get a chance to see everybody, including the new players we have in the program and see the old guys come back. It was a good first day. A few good things; a few bad things. I thought the tempo was pretty good and the communication was pretty good. We've got a long way to go before we play here in thirty days. I like this team.

What's the biggest priority during camp? Quarterback, obviously. That's the lead story. And then the secondary. We've got to find more depth in the secondary. I like that we've got some candidates that we think can play at this level. We've just got to find the right combination of guys.

How much can you learn without pads? I think you can learn a lot. I think you can learn how quickly guys can retain information. How fast they can take it from a chalkboard to the field. And then also a little bit about their conditioning and how they're going to respond when they get fatigued. We're going to condition all camp long.

Who's going to be quarterback to start out camp? We're kind of rotating it through. It was a coin flip today. So every day we're going to start a different guy and let him have the majority of the one repetitions then start to filter it out after ten.

What do you tell the players about being picked seventh in the Big East? I don't have to talk to them about it. They watch TV and listen to talk radio. We're going to finish a little higher than that so we're excited about it.

What areas need work during camp? I think the biggest thing is just rhythm and tempo and getting back into playing football again. We've been out here doing summer workouts but for four moths you don't get a chance to put all eleven guys with coaches out here. So I think it's just a matter of getting back into a rhythm and ironing out a few things. And we've got a few new guys out here that we've got to get up to speed.

Besides quarterback, what are some of the other positions to watch? There are a lot of battles out here again in the secondary. There are some spots at linebacker. We've got two guys really battling for the WILL linebacker spot – Brandon Heath and Chris Campa. We've got a lot of defensive lineman that we've got to rotate through there and find the right combination of guys. And then the same thing at wide receiver. I like our depth but we've got to have guys that can consistently make big plays for us.

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