Players discuss first practice

Following the first practice of the 2009, Louisville stars Jon Dempsey, Victor Anderson and Trent Guy met with the media to discuss practice and the upcoming season. has highlights of their comments, including complete audio of their interviews.

LB Jon Dempsey
SOUNDBITE: "We've got three terms: tag, thud and full go tackle. It's a little hard for the defensive guys without pads. When we get the pads on we can really show what we're about."

"The excitement level is pretty high. We like competing with each other. When we go after each other it's about fun. We don't want to try to hurt each other. We want to try to keep everybody in good shape."

"Us picked seventh we're really not even looking at that because last year Cincinnati was picked fifth and they ended up winning the Big East. We're hopefully looking to win the Big East this year."

RB Victor Anderson
SOUNDBITE: "It was good. Guys flying around and everybody was getting into the groove of things. We've got young guys learning plays and stuff like that. We're looking forward to big things this year."

"The Big East Media Day was just here and we kind of let that fly past our head. We don't really pay attention to any of that because anybody can win any game. We can get better in practice but we've still got to come out on game day and produce. The big thing is keeping our focus and coming out on game day and (have) great games like we do practices."

"We're looking for big things from Coach K being the play caller now. Hopefully we've got some tricks up our sleeves and some good plays out there."

WR Trent Guy
SOUNDBITE: "I feel good. It was good to come out here and get the jitter bugs out. We've got a long way to go but it felt good for the first day. Physically I'm back to 100 percent. I've still got some issues with my weight. I'm trying to get back to at least 170. I'm still at 167."

"Day one, it was a little rusty. It was good for the guys to get out here and fly around. But we've got a long way to go before it's time for us to play football. We've got things to work. This was the first day of installations. We only put in a couple plays. It was good to come out and get a feel for it. Every day counts. And every play counts."

"I really can't say there's a difference (between Jeff Brohm and Kragthorpe). Both guys are great guys. They're two different leaders. We're just trying to do a great job running Coach K's offense."

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