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QB Coach Jeff Brohm visits with ITV

New U of L quarterbacks coach Jeff Brohm visited with InsidetheVille.com for an exclusive interview and discussed recruiting, scheduling and more.

ITV: How has your first few weeks as a college coach been going?

Coach Brohm: Everything is coming along pretty good. Right now its real busy as we are going full force with recruiting, as far as going out visiting kids, getting in their house, getting into their schools and explaining why Louisville is the best spot for them.

ITV: Have you been getting out on the recruiting road yourself?

Coach Brohm: I haven't yet. Most of the other coaches are out and you're only allowed a certain number of coaches out at a certain time. So I haven't been out just yet.

ITV: As a former NFL and Cardinal quarterback, does that help while visiting with the recruits while they are in town visiting the program?

Coach Brohm: I think so. I think anyone at that age, obviously they want to play college football and then most of them, if not all of them, want a chance to move up the ladder into professional football. So being able to listen and talk to somebody that's actually gone the same route that they would like to go and tell them what it's like and what it's going to take to get there, they respond well to that. They listen and understand that it's important to have people around them that know exactly what it takes to get to the next level.

ITV: During the first few weeks that you have been working with Bob Petrino, what are some things that have impressed you about him?

Coach Brohm: The thing that I like about coach Petrino is that he's a no-nonsense kind of a guy. He has a great amount of discipline and knows that you've got to be stern with young kids at times when they are out there practicing, yet be able to pat them on the back and be their buddy as well. He does a good job of balancing both of those. He also believes in a lot of hard work and preparation in practice and discipline and I think if you do those things you will be a great player for him. Those things really stand out to me about him.

ITV: Without a starting quarterback returning, what do you expect from the younger guys as they work to try and become this year's starter?

Coach Brohm: We have some guys that don't have much experience, so it's going to be important to get the guys that we think can play out there and put them in as many game like conditions as we can early on, so they can grow up and experience things right off the bat. We start off with two tough games and those guys have to be ready to go. It's really important that we work extensively with those guys so that we can have them prepared and ready to go.

ITV: Can fans expect to see the use of two quarterbacks during the games like Coach Petrino utilized last season at Auburn?

Coach Brohm: We hope that we can find one guy and stick with him. Obviously the more you have prepared the better it is, but we hope to find the one guy that we can put out there. I don't think his quarterbacks were as strong at Auburn, so he tried to hide that with the run and control the clock. You'll probably see us do that as well, especially early on in the season. However, at the same time we would like to throw as much as we can, but in this day and age, you have to be able to protect the quarterback and have a good running game to keep teams off balance.

ITV: What are your feelings about starting your college coaching career at the same school you played for?

Coach Brohm: I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I wanted to come back and give back to the University and the fans as much as I can, because I enjoyed playing here and playing for all these people. It's important to me because I want to see the program reach heights that you never thought it could reach and get better and better each year. With Coach Petrino and the rest of the staff hopefully we can eventually achieve a great status and consistently be in the Top 20. That will always be our goal. You have to gradually work your way to that point. We should keep getting great players in here and teach and coach them to play well.

ITV: A lot of Louisville fans have asked about upgrading the U of L schedule. Can you talk about the schedule and the attempts to upgrade it?

Coach Brohm: I am in the same boat as them, coming from a fans perspective. There's not much you can do about the conference schedule. That's the conference we are in and that's the teams we're going to play. I do think the conference has gotten better over the years. With the addition of TCU and then there is Southern Miss and now South Florida is going to join in and East Carolina is usually a decent team, which makes for a tough league schedule. The conference schedule is a moot point for right now. I think in regards to the non-conference schedule, they are trying to schedule the best teams possible. One thing that I have learned since I have been a coach is that a lot of these teams that are in the top-notch conferences don't want to play us outside of their conference schedule, so it is a tough thing to schedule some of these teams. We are making headway and we are trying to schedule as many top quality teams as we can. From what I know, there is a good chance, if it's not all ready a done deal, that we're going to have Miami on the schedule in two years, both home and away. So that's a start and hopefully we can build off that.

ITV: What are some of the changes that have occurred at U of L since you played that have made the program more attractive?

Coach Brohm: Obviously it's a huge plus to play in a great state of the art stadium. It's great for the kids to have great practice fields and a great weight room and training facility, and locker rooms. This place, in my opinion, as far as for the players with the training room, weight room, meeting room and the study hall rooms, is one of the top ten in the country. I think it's a huge plus for recruits to come in here and see this facility.

ITV: Is there one moment during playing days at Louisville that really stands out in your memory?

Coach Brohm: Certainly the Liberty Bowl was a special moment and beating a Big 10 team and that I was injured at the time. My senior year when we started out beating teams like Arizona State and Texas and teams of that caliber. It was a huge deal and exciting for us because we always prided ourselves, back under Coach Schnellenberger, that we always believed that if you wanted to be the best, you had to play the best. That was always exciting to us as players to play those teams that year and then beating some of them was really exciting for us.

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