Diakite calls ITV with update

6'10 Barton County CC PF Nouha Diakite is averaging 12 points and 7 rebounds this season for Coach Ryan Woods 18-2 Cougars. Nouha called ITV Friday with an update on his progress

Nouha Diakite calls ITV with an update

Nouha Diakite, Louisville's 6'10 signee from Barton County CC called ITV Friday afternoon with an update on his season.

Diakite had a big week against Jayhawk West Conference rivals Bulter CC and Hutchinson CC. Diakite averaged 13 points and 10 rebounds per game during the tough, two game stretch.

Against Hutchinson (17-3), Diakite recorded his fifth career double-double as he led the team in scoring with 18 points. Diakite also pulled down 14 rebounds in leading the #7 Cougars to their 18 win of the season.

On the season, Barton County is 18-2 and atop the tough Jayhawk West Conference with a 5-1 record. Diakite is clearly a big part of the Cougars success this season.

So after perhaps the best game of his career who did Nouha choose to call?

Inside theVille, of course!

Nouha said he was playing real well right now and is "working hard each day to improve my game and get better," Diakite told ITV.

And even though Nouha is in the midst of a very good season out on the plains, he admitted his mind does wander to the Ville on occasion.

"Yes, I watch every [UofL] game on television and I'm very excited about coming to UofL and joining Coach Pitino's team next season," Diakite said enthusiastically.

"I think Coach Pitino is the best coach in the college basketball," added Diakite.

Asked if he'd be watching the UT game on Saturday, Diakite said "yes."

And how does Nouha think the Cards will fare in Knoxville?

"UofL will win, no doubt," Diakite confidently predicted.

And after averaging only 4.5 ppg and 5.4 rpg last season, Nouha is quite certain what is to credit for his tremendous improvement this season.

"I'm just more confident this season," Diakite stated. "I'm more confident in every facet of my game this season," continued Diakite.

Diakite said he was excited about playing in Louisville next season and was confident he'd bring many skills to the team.

And what skills are those Nouha?

"I play really hard..all the time and I will block shots and rebound," Diakite said.

Diakite who visited the Louisville campus last fall with 6'8 Nate Daniels of Broward CC had good things to say about his future teammate.

"He can really shoot the ball," Diakite stated.

Diakite said he's doing well in school and is benefiting by practicing against 6'9 Cincinnati signee Robert Whaley daily in Coach Ryan Woods very structured and well organized practices.

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