Subscribers are raving about ITV!!!

Since Inside theVille's inception on December 17, 2002 more than 120 people have made the choice to become paying subscribers. Read our subscribers words of praise for the value they receive.

Subscribers rave about ITV

Inside theVille has been growing by leaps and bounds since joining Network on December 17, 2002.  In our first month on the network, ITV has compiled an impressive resume that has it's over 120 paying subscribers buzzing with excitement!

Not to toot our own horn but hey..if we don't who will?

In our first week on the TheInsiders Network, ITV was the first to confirm and report the hiring of Bob Petrino as UofL's football coach.  We've been the first to report 20 of the Cards 21 football commitments and have had exclusive interviews with almost all the players that have commited.  Throw in an interview with new UofL QB Coach Jeff Brohm and exclusives coverage of winter workouts and nobody in town beats ITV on UofL football coverage!

We've also had complete coverage of Chris Lofton's week long performance at the KOB, James Lang's appearance in Louisville, and Rajon Rondo's spectacular performance at the LIT.  We've had interviews with UofL recruiting targets Rajon Rondo, and Terrence Farley.  We've had updates from Barton County CC Coach Ryan Woods on Nouha Diakite's progress and just this past Friday Nouha himself called ITV with an update.  We've had interviews with Dave Telep about the Cards recruiting class and much, much more.

So with all those accomplishments behind us, here's a sampling of what our subscribers are saying about Inside theVille.

The recruiting information has to be unmatched by any internet site in the country. You guys are doing a great job of chasing every kid the University is chasing. -4evercard

I liked my friends at LSR, but these ITV guys are far, far, superior for what everyone looks for in an internet board. Heck, they are even better at supplying updated and newsworthy stories than the LSR group does for their print publication. These guys find the sources and go to the sites and get the information we thirst for.

I still don't understand how they find all the time and how it is worth all their time, but I sure am glad I met Mike and his growing following.

For Cardinal athletic freakos like me, ITV is heaven.

Thanks very much, guys.  -poster will remain anonymous

Prior to ITV getting started and right about the time Petrino became our new coach, I re-signed with Premium on LSR. I guess they knew you guys were coming because their stories sure picked up.

After the recruiting period is over I am sure their stories will dwindle back to worthless. At that time I plan on becoming an annual Premium member on ITV. -KernelFactory

If you have the means to subscribe and you haven't yet, allow me to be the first to recommend it to you. If you're a die hard card like myself and like info on recruiting, this is the best thing since ice cream. I'm sure the four commitments will soon be announced on the news channels here in the Ville, but these guys had it long before they even got wind that these kids even existed. I firmly believe that this is my best investment, excluding my season tickets, that I have made in the last 4 years. Come on guys, jump on aboard.  -Fontleroy

Absolutely invaluable if you're trying to follow the Cards from out of town. It's like having an all-UofL sports page delivered to your house every day. Plus the all-access package gives you access to all the Insiders other sites: recruiting, college football and basketball, NFL, MLB, NBA, and even NHL (if you're into that). Put it on your list for a birthday gift or Father's Day or Valentine's Day, or just give it to yourself.  -BGCardFan

It is absolutely a must have for out of state Cardinal Fans, and any big Cardinal fan, for that matter, that seeks up to the minute information. As for recruiting, it doesn't get any better. As soon as the coaches know something, ITV tells you about it. They also get on the phone and talk to prospective recruits, their coaches and their parents. Sign-up. You will not regret it!  -Thebirdstheword

If you want timely inside pro, college and especially UL recaps and reports as they happen, without the heavy, smudgy papery mess, you need to sign up with ITV.

And most importantly, remember that these reports are coming from people who are true UL fans posing as journalists, not from true certified journalists posing as sports fans. They require more than just the pat Kenny Klein "official" press release response to the standard "has the paperwork been "officially" signed" question. They want to know the story behind the recruit as badly as you have always wanted to know it. If you want more than just the name, position, height, weight, 40 time and high know, some information that turns these randomly listed names into actual breathing people, then reach behind yourself and pull $79.95 out of your squeaky, tight... and get ITV Total Access.  -SmokyBar

My first post, been lurking for a while. Must say premium content is great. If you want info about recruiting or targeted recruits - Sign Up! You'll be glad you did. -CardDude

This is coming from a skeptic (LSR days). The premium at ITV is great and well worth the cost. I'm stunned by the amount of recruiting info that is shared by Red Rage and Mike. Problem is, I'm spending WAAAAY too much time here. Great job guys!  -VaCardinal

I'm a monthly subscriber and found it fantastic so far... I am impressed with the amount of stories and the direct contact with recruits.

I appreciate the effort and commend the amount of content being posted on a regular basis, I'll be the first to say that it is not easy to keep a site updated as frequently as you'd like.

Keep up the good work.  -UofLSig

I am a monthly subscriber also and I find the articles about recruiting to be the best around and WELL worth the money. -DirtyB

RedRage, my man, as soon as I found this site I subscribed to the premium site. I had been a member of that "other site" for a while and thought I'd keep both and compare the two. That lasted about a day or two before I dropped that other site faster then Quinten McCord drops a wide open TD pass. I've never seen such fast and accurate info on our Cards anywhere. Keep up the good work, you Mike and the rest of the people who are helping with this site. -TCard

I too used to be a member of the other site and there is absolutely no comparison between the two. I'm also tickled by how they've all of the sudden woken up a bit, but that typically fades over there.  This site is simply the best I've ever seen for up to the minute information which is what I'm looking for.  Keep up the great work.  -VilleFan1

Only concern is the amount of times per day I access!!! absolutely terrific value......great to be with so many other Cards fans.......always my last view at night...first in morning....well maybe I do check the markets....again a great value for the $.... and an important part of Cardinal life....keeps us linked to the Ville!  -

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