Louisville makes Moore's cut

J.J. Moore has narrowed his list to four schools. The 6'6, 185 pound forward will make a few visits in October before making a college decision. Moore's mother, Monique Ballard, talked with InsideTheVille.com about her son's final four choices.

J.J. Moore has narrowed his list down to four programs: Pittsburgh, Florida, Louisville and St. John's.

Now, the 6'6, 185 pound forward will take a few visits before making a decision. Moore has already visited Pittsburgh and enjoyed his visit with the Panthers, according to his mother, Monique Ballard. Ballard said her son plans to check out St. John's again, and will visit Louisville October 16 and Florida on October 24.

"We've already visited St. John's," Ballard said. "We're trying to set up something so he can visit St. John's while the kids are in school. We just want him to get a feel for campus with people there. He's going to Florida on October 24 to see how the campus is. Florida is the last visit."

Jamie Dixon, Norm Roberts, Rick Pitino and Billy Donovan recently made home visits with Moore's family, including advisor Hunt Bresky and AAU coach Gary Charles, to explain their programs in detail.

Moore will visit Louisville and Florida next month.
"My questions leaned toward academics and what they could offer," Ballard said. "Gary and Hunt leaned toward the basketball questions. What position he's going to be playing? What do they expect of him when he goes to the school with basketball?

"All of them answered all of my questions."

Ballard said her son is planning to make his decision before the November signing period begins.

"We're hoping by the end of October beginning of November we will have a decision," Ballard said. "We're writing out the pros and cons about the schools. I'm going to share my information from the home visits and I want (J.J.) to share the information he's getting from the coaches that are going up there to see him. I want to put those two together and come up with a decision. It's not just going to be me, my daughter and (J.J) making the decision it's going to be all five of us (Hunt Bresky and Gary Charles). We're all going to sit down and make the decision."

Moore's mother, Monique Ballard, broke down the four schools still vying for a commitment:

St. John's "We have a long history with St. John's being it's close to home. We keep them in mind because it is close to home. We just want to keep them on the list."

Pittsburgh "I like Jamie Dixon. We liked the presentation that he gave when he came to the house. We felt very comfortable with him and we connected with what he was offering."

Louisville "We had a connection with Louisville also and Rick Pitino. It was an honor to have him in our house. We had a connection with him and we're actually going to go see Louisville October 16. Hunt Bresky, Gary Charles and J.J. That's going to take the unofficial visit there. Rick didn't get a chance to go see him at South Kent but his assistant Steve (Masiello) did. I think Rick Pitino is going to take a trip up there in the next couple of weeks to see him."

Florida "We had a nice time with them. They also had a lot to offer as did the other three schools. We connected with Rob Lanier and Billy Donovan. J.J. Already knew Billy Donovan and it was easier to connect with them when he was here."

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