Siva hopes to energize the Cards

Louisville freshman Peyton Siva is the new kid on the block for the Cardinals. The talented point guard plans to energize the team this season with his presence.

Peyton Siva hails from Seattle just like Terrence Williams. Like his predecessor Siva plans to provide positive energy for Louisville this season.

"The thing that I want to bring to this team is my energy and hustle. I want to do whatever Coach needs me to do for this team. If he needs me to shoot more I am going to shoot, and if he needs me to get on the boards then I am going to do that also. All I care about is doing whatever it takes to get wins," said Siva.

Much has been made of Siva's role on the team and the relationship between himself and incumbent senior point guard Edgar Sosa. Peyton says that his experience has been quite valuable since making it to campus in July.

"Going head to head with Sosa has been great. He is one of the best guards that I have faced off against. He has really taken me under his wing along with Jerry and (Preston Knowles) and taught me a lot so far," said Siva. "I don't plan on surpassing him or anything like that his year. We need Edgar this year he is the captain and vocal leader of this team. But if I did end up starting on this team it would not matter because all this team cares about is wins."

With two lottery picks departed from last year's team and pretty much every player learning a new role this year Siva says that communication will be paramount this season.

"One of the big focal points this year has been our vocal communication on the court. And that has been a big emphasis in practice. Sosa has been vocal, Jerry has been vocal, and even Samardo has been vocal on the court," said Siva.

Known for his versatility on the court, Siva averaged 18 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 steals, and a block while leading his Franklin (WA) Quakers to a 28-1 record and the 3A state championship in one of the premier public leagues in the country. Siva believes that versatility is something that will be a staple of this team as a whole.

"Everybody brings something different offensively to the table this year as far as what we do well. This isn't last year's team where you had the focal point of the offense being Twill or Earl Clark so I think that will definitely make us tougher to defend," said Siva.

Another interesting change for Peyton has been playing with big men for the first time in his career. His high school team didn't have a player over 6-3 and that is something that Peyton is adjusting to at UofL.

"Playing with some big men like TJ, Samardo, and Goode has been great. I don't have to worry about going out and defending 6-10 guys anymore, and if I get beat off the dribble then I have protection behind me to wipe out any mistakes. It makes things a lot easier on me," said Siva.

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