ITV talks with Greg Nord

Now that signing day has arrived, Assistant Head Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Greg Nord spent a few minutes with caught up with Assistant Head Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Greg Nord on Wednesday to discuss the 2003 recruiting season.

ITV: Talk about how you located what players you wanted.

Greg Nord: "All the coaches that came in sat down and went over all of our contacts that we have developed during our time in the business. By doing this we were able to visit with great kids around the country and reach some of the best players available."

ITV: Most media and fans get caught up in what players are rated by recruiting analysts, does player rankings play any part of your recruiting process?

Nord: "We really set out to get the best players we could get. How others view those players and how they should be ranked is fine, but we really just wanted to talk to the best players available at the time and that would fit our needs."

ITV:How did the new staff, with such a short time period, recruit so well together and as a unit?

Nord: "The fact that Bob and Paul and I have worked together previously here at Louisville, and coach Summers and I have worked together previously. Coach Gilhammer and Coach Petrino had worked together previously and Coach Whitt has worked with Coach Petrino. We all had common ties so that we knew each other which allowed to recruit together very well. We have a bunch of coaches that are really good recruiters and that are hard working and that aren't caught up in having big egos. We all worked and recruited together. Nobody was worried about who signed who. Everyone instead was realized that we are a team and that really helped us work together well right away."

ITV: Have you guys had much time to spend together as an entire staff?

Nord: "The staff was always able to be together on the weekends, but usually we'd have 10 to 15 prospects in town that we were attempting to convince to come to Louisville, so this has really been the first three or four days that we have all been able to be in the office with each other and not have someone off working with prospects.

ITV: How does it feel once signing day arrives?

Nord: "Oh, it is great. All your hard work shows up on paper and you can talk about how all the recruiting went. And to honest some of the guys will get a chance to go see their family for the first time in a couple months."

ITV: What has it meant for you personally to remain at U of L?

Nord: "It's been a thrill for me. I've gotten a chance to stay working for a program that I strongly believe is one of the top programs in the country. We have been afforded some of the best facilities in the country and we are working with a great administration and good fan support. It makes it an easy sell when you are out there obn the road recruiting when you believe in a place as strongly as I do for the University of Louisville."

ITV: Talk about a few of the guys that committed prior to the hiring of Coach Petrino.

Nord: "Initially we felt that they were very skilled players and would fit needs that we had. Then the new staff came in and reevaluated them and were able to win them over.

ITV: Both tight ends that signed have shown signs of being good receiving tight ends. Does the success of players like Ibn Green, Jamie Asher assist in your recruiting of tight ends?

Nord: "The success that we have had with guys at that position before speaks of itself. We now have a track record that players are aware of and it really helps when talking to prospects about coming here. They realize that our type of offense will allow them to become involved in the passing game."

ITV: The recruiting success in Tallahassee is amazing.

Nord: "I think it was a couple of things. That was an individual recruiting area of Bob's and he knew all of those kids and then our win over Florida State was huge, because everyone of those kids watched it and got a chance to see us. There was a lot of positive things going for us to be able to recruit well in that area."

ITV: Coach Petrino spoke highly of Kolby Smith.

Nord: "He's a great kid. He has great character. He's a really good player and he is at a position that you can contribute at an early age."

ITV: Coach Petrino also mentioned that a number of freshman will have an opportunity to play right away.

Nord: "I think we have a good solid class that we will be able to come in and be as good as most teams out there, but what remains to be seen is how they will play when they get here and how we can help develop them once they are here. A lot of the guys that we feel like that would have a chance to contribute as freshman, I think it would be important for them to get in here early. There's several guys that we want to give enough reps to, to see if they can help us be good next year."

ITV: When will you begin recruiting for 2004?

Nord: "We started yesterday!"

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