Petrino talks about signing Michael Bush

Coach Bob Petrino talks about keeping All-American Michael Bush in his home town to play for the Cardinals.

Lousiville head coach Bobby Petrino talks about the signing of All-American and Louisville Male product Michael Bush.

"The funniest thing about Michael is that I was sitting in his home on a Wednesday night doing a home visit for the University of Auburn and then I left his home, got on a plane and was on my way back to Alabama when I heard that there were rumors coming over the tv the John L. Smith was going to leave the University of Louisville. When I got home, it actually did happen and then the night I got here on the 23rd [of December], I actually made a quick phone call to Michael Bush and told him had a scholorship here and that this would be a great place for him to go and we worked real hard in recruiting him ever since."

"It's a great get for us. I can't tell you how good of a player he is. I was actually at the State Championship game and got to watch him play running back, receiver, quarterback, strong safety, return the kickoffs and return the punts. I have never seen a young man do that before in a high school game."

"He's going to come in here and compete to play quarterback. I think he knows of the guys that we have. It would be a big advantage for him to stay home, so he can come over here in the spring and be at all the practices and learn the offense. We are going to give the opportunity to have the same amount of reps as they have when we get to ball in August and see who the best is."

"Michael told me that he was no longer interested in [playing two sports]. He made the decision that he wants to be a quarterback and he knew that to do that he had to limit what he did and that he had to go fulltime football."

"It says a lot for what the program has done here in the last five years. It says a lot for the reputation that we have as an offensive staff. I know the basketball game the other night helped a lot when he was here on his visit and to see that atmosphere and to see the way those guys compete on the floor. I actually heard a few people say, 'We want Mike,' so that was good."

"He's not coming here to redshirt, he's coming in to play."

"We had a good feeling. I know that he had a good visit and I know that he enjoyed the players that he was around. He's got some real strong family ties. I think it was hard for him not to think of them all sitting in the stands and give them all high-fives as we walk around the stadium. I think his family ties and his family values had a lot to do with him staying here."

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