Fans excited about 'Strong' hire subscribers react to the news about Charlie Strong's hiring.

UofLfanvsFood: I think its a very good hire, and a great hire if Strong puts together a bad ass staff, which starts with Billy Gonzales.

CardinalDoug: Great hire, he is intense and lives football and will recruit like crazy. The big key is that he has to get the right OC.

actionboy: This is a GREAT hire! He's the perfect candidate for what we were looking for. A guy who is both loved AND respected by the players and the coaching fraternity! We as fans however MUST be patient. He has some work to do.

VilleFan714: Great hire. Before he even coaches a game we should all take comfort in knowing this guy will be extremely motivated to turn UL back into a respectable program from the word go. This is his first head coaching opportunity after getting passed over the last few years for open jobs. He's more than proved himself as a coordinator and has learned under some of the best college football minds in this era. He most definitely has the resume and this is certainly the hire we need to recreate the buzz that once surrounded our program.

Neil66: Strong is a GREAT hire. UofL is getting a special coach who can exceed what Petrino and his staff did at UofL. Charlie Strong is the home run hire that UofL needed and we are very lucky to have him as our new coach.

cards1000: I think its a great hire, exactly what this program needs. HC Experience is nice but I think he fits in perfectly to this university's personality and needs and will be able to build a solid, competitive program with the type of recruiting we need to compete every year.

TexasCard: My early evaluation is Tom Jurich has done it again. He hits another homerun with this hire. Strong is everything that has been said about him, and Cardinal nation can't wait for the wins to start rolling in. GO get 'em Coach Strong we are there with you!

MilesAhead: Character, Leadership, Intelligence, & Respect, Strong seems to ooze all of these qualities that we want in our Head Coach. I believe Strong will be able to 'connect' with the current players and use his recruiting prowess to get us back to being very competitive in the Big East quicker than expected.

tville: Appears to be a very good hire that will garner a lot of respect in both coaching and recruiting circles nationally, and even more so in the Southeast.

JustCards: How do you say it...this is a really "Strong" hire for Cardinal football; in more ways than one. Once again, TJ at his best.

Nashcard: I think this is a home run. He has been my choice for sometime due to his years experience with a top level winning program. He is well respected by his peers and is a great recruiter.

uoflsportskikass: Super Great Hire...the only guy I wanted the whole time.  He is aggressive and full of fire, and will turn this thing around in 3 years..The guy is hungry and has a lot to prove, TJ couldn't have made a better choice for HC...Its more then great, its a huge Hire...we are lucky to have him...Welcome coach Strong!!

2villecard: At a minimum, Charlie Strong is a good hire. I have no doubt that he will upgrade our recruiting immediately, and that alone will qualify him as at least a good leader for the football program.

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