Pitt commit Givens visiting Louisville

Andre Givens committed to Pittsburgh over the summer but is having second thoughts about his decision. The three-star running back from Hubbard (OH) plans to visit Louisville and Cincinnati this month and check out all of his options.

Three-star Hubbard, Ohio running back Andre Givens is currently committed to Pittsburgh, but will check out Louisville this month to be sure he made the right decision last summer when he selected the Panthers.

"I'm visiting Louisville Jan. 15," Givens said. "I felt like I kind of rushed my decision a little bit and I just wanted to keep my options open. I want to check out Louisville – they're a great school. Coach [Larry] Slade is a great coach and bringing in Coach [Charlie] Strong – I talked to him on the phone and he sounds like a good coach. He led Florida to a Sugar Bowl win the other night and I feel it's worth going there to check it out."

Slade has been recruiting Givens for Louisville and has a solid relationship with the nation's No. 38 running back.

"Coach Slade and I have been talking even before my commitment to Pittsburgh, so it's been awhile," Givens said.

Givens also recently spoke with new Louisville coach Charlie Strong.

"I spoke to him a couple weeks ago," Givens said. "It went well. He told me what he wants to do with the program. He wants players around him so he can win a national championship. I support everything he's trying to do. I can't wait to go down there and meet him face to face and talk about some things and see how it goes."

Givens also plans to visit Cincinnati, though he doesn't yet have a firm date on that trip.

"These schools are going to factor into where I go to college," Givens said. "I can't wait to check them out. I've visited Pittsburgh but I've still got to go down to Louisville and Cincinnati."

Though Givens is having second thoughts about his commitment to Pittsburgh, he said he chose the Panthers because of his affection for Dave Wannestedt and the Panther staff.

"I committed to Pittsburgh because of the coaching staff and the type of offense they run," Givens said. "I like the academic support they had. I got along with their coaches and I liked how they run the program and that was a big thing."

What do Louisville and Cincinnati have to do to sway him away from the Panthers?

"Probably just the academic support thing," Givens said. "I want to major in criminal justice and I want to check out how they help their players [academically]. I want to talk to the head coaches one on one and tell them what I want in a school. And I want a coach that is a friend when you're parents aren't around you can talk to them – someone I can trust. This is a huge decision and I want to make the right choice.

"Between those schools I think I can trust Louisville. Coach Slade is a great coach and Coach Strong seems like he's a great coach too."

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