Cincinnati star Brown sets Louisville visit

Cincinnati (OH) Winton Woods senior quarterback Dominique Brown has become one of the hottest uncommitted recruits left in Ohio. Brown committed to Cincinnati months ago, but the departure of Brian Kelly to Notre Dame has thrown things into turmoil. Brown explained that he is now starting the recruiting process over again.

When Dominique Brown committed to Cincinnati last June he thought he was finished with recruiting, and could concentrate on his season without the distraction of worrying about choosing a college.

Now, less than three weeks before National Signing Day, Brown is basically back to square one from a recruiting standpoint. The resignation of Brian Kelly from Cincinnati in late December has caused Brown to re-think his decision to be a Bearcat, and he is now actively seeking a school.

"Things are basically outrageous for me right now, and my phone is ringing constantly," Brown commented on his situation. "I'm getting calls from schools like Ohio State, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, and a lot of other schools, too."

Last Thursday, Brown received word that he was being offered a scholarship by Ohio State, a school he had visited unofficially in December to watch bowl practice.

"I actually found out about the offer late Thursday night, and I was asleep," he said with a laugh. "I have to get up for school pretty early, so I heard the news, but I couldn't really show how excited I was because I was so tired. The next day I called (assistant coach) John Peterson and told him I was pretty happy with that offer."

"I don't have a visit set up with Ohio State at this point," he stated. "They are coming to my school on Monday to talk to me about setting up an official visit. We have talked about setting that up before, but we do not have a firm date set right now. Georgia Tech will be at my school tomorrow also, to set up a visit."

Even though he was extremely disappointed in Kelly's leaving, Brown is still willing to give Cincinnati another chance to convince him they are the best place for him to sign.

"I only have two official visits set up right now," he admitted. "I'm going to Cincinnati on January 22nd, and I'm going to Louisville on January 29th. I want to hear what the new staff at Cincinnati has to say, so I will see them next weekend."

"Louisville has a new staff and I'm pretty excited to meet them," Brown said. "(Head coach) Charley Strong is a very cool guy, and I like him a lot. The new offensive coordinator (Mike Sanford) and the defensive coordinator, Vance Bedford, are coming to my basketball game on Tuesday. They will probably come to my house as well, so we can all get to know each other better."

Even though the recruiting process is becoming exciting for Brown, this is certainly not the position he thought he would be in when he committed to Cincinnati last June.

"I was all set to go to Cincinnati before Coach Kelly left," he stressed. "It's kind of stressful, to be honest, because going into my senior year, I committed to Cincinnati to have this all behind me. I wanted to get rid of all the pressure before I played my senior season. Now, I have to sit down with my parents and try to set up five official visits, and I'm starting all over."

Brown did say that there is no way he will be signing with a school on National Signing Day, and he does plan on taking all five visits.

"I am not going to be signing on Signing Day, because I'm not going to be pressured into a hasty decision," he stated emphatically. "I will only have two official visits done by then, and I want to get this done right, and take all five visits."

"A lot will depend on whether I want to play quarterback in college, or not," he said. "I know I could go to Ohio State and play receiver, and the more I think about it, playing quarterback probably isn't that important. I'm probably more interested in getting out on the field as soon as possible. I plan on letting these schools make their pitch, and then I will sit down with my family and make the best decision for me."

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