Five still fighting for Boone

Kadron Boone hosted Louisville on Tuesday, Georgia on Thursday, he hosts West Virginia on Friday, and then he visits LSU this weekend.

"Coach [Mark] Richt, Coach [Tony] Ball, and Coach [John] Lilly met with me and my family on Thursday and everything went great," said Kadron Boone. "I had a good time talking to them and I am very interested in Georgia."

The Dawgs are one of five schools still in the running for Boone's signature.

Louisville, LSU, Texas Tech, and West Virginia are also in the mix. He has visited all of his finalists other than LSU and he is ready to leave for Baton Rouge on Friday.

"I am ready to get out to LSU and see what it is like out there. They are one of the schools I am interested in, so this visit is important like the others were. It will be my last visit and I will come back home and do some thinking."

Some hard thinking more than likely.

The 6-foot-1, 195 pound wide receiver has to decided what school is best for him. He has been a long time Texas Tech commitment and has still yet to take his name off of their commitment list.

Since the firing of Mike Leach though, he has opened things up a little taken a look at the schools still on his list.

"I have to make sure of everything, I had to look around to find the school best for me, and I am still looking," he said. "I have never de-committed from Texas Tech, so I am still looking at them too, but I just have to go where I feel is best."

That is one thing he does not know yet. He does not know if that school is Texas Tech, LSU, Georgia, West Virginia, or Louisville. He likes all five and after this visit to Baton Rouge, he will make that final decision.

"I should know on Monday what I am going to do. I am going to talk things over with my coaches and my family when I get back home and then make my decision. I am going to go over all five schools, each visit, and figure out the best one for me."

Even though he is just days away from one of the biggest decisions of his life, he is not feeling any pressure.

"I know I will be ready," said the four-star wide reciver out of Ocala (FL) Trinity Catholic. "I will know where I am going when I sign the papers at 4pm ET on Wednesday. That is when everyone will know where I am going."

Boone plans to meet with West Virginia one last time before he leaves for LSU on Friday.


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