Thomas Boyce has little spare time

Preparing to play for Louisville is only a portion of what keeps tight end Thomas Boyce very busy these days.

Whether it is in the weight room, running his own business or fulfilling his duties as President of the student council at Dacula High School, Thomas Boyce keeps himself busy.

On Thursday evening I visited with Thomas and he was quick to point out that with the recruiting period over, he has been able to focus on other things.

"Now that I am done with recruiting I feel more relaxed," explained the 6'6, 210-pound tight end. "I have been working out a lot. I also have my own business which keeps me busy. I have my own lawncare business, which I really enjoy."

When the mail arrived at the Boyce household on Thursday, Thomas found a workout plan designed by the Louisville coaches.

"I received a schedule from the coaches today," said Boyce. "They want us to begin working on certain areas in the weight room."

Even though Louisville seems to be stuck in what seems like a colder than normal winter, Thomas is all ready preparing for spring in Georgia and the running of his lawncare business.

"I just bought a new mower a few days ago. I'm pretty excited about it actually. I have doing this for more than three years now. I have a couple groups of four or five guys that work with me. I hope to continue to run it while I'm in school at Louisville and maybe even start doing some up there."

Thomas told that he will be in town to attend the Spring Game and that he expects to begin working out with the team during the summer.

He is also open to the idea of redshirting his freshman year.

"I plan on doing everything I can as soon as I get there, but I do see the benefits of redshirting my first year," said Boyce. "It would give me an opportunity to build additional strength and learn the offense. It would be good to be able to work on those things and then get the chance to compete for a spot the next year. It will also allow me to get a good start with my classes."

As a senior a Dacula High School, Thomas had 11 receptions for 189 yards in an option offense this past season. He also had 43 pancakes with a 93% grade.

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