ITV members to Ellis: Get well soon

Members of Inside have shown an outpouring of support for Ellis Myles and his quick recovery. We're all behind Ellis at ITV and wish to send our thoughts and prayers for a complete and speedy recovery. Get well soon Ellis. <p><b>Ellis update: ITV has confirmed Ellis has a torn patella tendon and will have surgery this afternoon.</b></p>

ITV members: Get well soon Ellis

Ellis Myles is the unquestioned heart and soul of the University of Louisville basketball program.  Not only does he play extremely hard but he is a warrior on the boards for the Cards and can always be counted on to give 110% effort. 

Members of Inside are tremendously concerned about Ellis' knee injury suffered last night against Marquette and have expressed get well wishes on our message board last night and this morning.

Ellis' commitment to the University of Louisville and this community during the past three years is tremendously appreciated and we, the UofL fans, know that Ellis will be back stronger than ever after this set back.

These are the thoughts, prayers, and get well wishes from the fans Ellis has touched and inspired by his dedication and hard work.  We wish Ellis the best and send our best wishes and support for his full and quick recovery.

Here's what ITV's members wish for Ellis

Get well my man!  I had tears well up in my eyes   -- CardinalJunky

My prayers go out to Ellis as well -- st8chil

Here's to a speedy recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -- CardnAL

We're rooting for ya, Ellis  -- SwaggeringBirds

Ellis is my favorite player!  "I feel like someone shot my dog"  -- CARDIO

Ellis, My prayers go out to you. Not only because you are a great player, but because you are a great example of what hard work can do for a person. I will continue to pray for you and hope you the best. -- WestKYCard

Ellis, Don't worry about anything right now except getting better and feeling good. Everybody's prayers are with you. Much love and good wishes.  -- aliasone

Ellis,  The Wilkerson family is praying for you. Thanks for all the great games. Get well soon, you have a lot graet games left in you. We are proud that you are a Cardinal.  --wilkie01

Get well man. Come back next year and kick some ass!  -- CardsR4real

You are a Warrior, Ellis, get well soon..  --  Buc695

My prayers are with you.  --  LexGreyBeard

Seeing and hearing his pain tonight made my heart instantly sink.  He's proven his strong character every night out and will do the same once again.  My prayers are with you Ellis!  --  RedRage

My heart goes out to you Ellis. You have tremdous heart and a great warrior. My prayers are with you and your family.
Get well soon.  --  jynkx

Ellis, hang in there. The ENTIRE Planet Red sends our prayers and thoughts out to you for a very speedy recovery. Your heart and attitude, especially this year, has been an inspiration to all of us!  --  BariCard

Ellis, man, I don't know what to say.  I'm praying and hoping it's not as serious as it looks.  No matter what, you are a true warrior and will overcome this injury and continue your rise to success.  Yet, for however long or short you're going to be gone, your presence on the court will be sorely missed.  Get well soon, my friend.  --  GouldSite

Ellis, our hearts go out to you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. We know, being the warrior that you are, you will come back stronger than ever!  --  TubaDad

Your teamates are going to miss you on the floor and the fans are going to miss your heart and desire.
GOD speed big fella!!!!  --  ekycardfan

Good luck Ellis - You will be in all of our thoughts and prayers. A warrior and the heart and soul of or team, you will be missed but I look forward to seeing you back on the floor.  --  checkplease

I had a double shot of Tequila for you last night, Ellis.  Get Well Soon.  --  icysnowman

Everyone in Cardinal Nation is so rooting for you Keep your chin up and please know that your fans got your back!  --  TheBlackJersey

Best wishs and good luck to Ellis. He was a a machine last night, simply incredible. He sure is a treat to watch play. Anytime you have a kid that works as hard as Ellis it is definitely an inspiration to his teammates and to all basketball fans. This UK fan hopes for a speedy recovery. --  Mike4UK

In any event, GET WELL ELLIS! Regardless of how quick and well your recovery goes, you will always be seen as one of the gutsiest cardinals ever!  --  AtlantaCard

We can't wait to see you back on the floor...#2 our thoughts are with you.  -- CardJD

Best Wishes, Ellis. You'll make it just fine.  --  uranium238











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