Pryor Talks Favorites

Calvin Pryor is sure to see his recruitment pick up once the May evaluation period starts The Port St. Joe, Florida standout is a hot prospect and spoke with about the three favorites that standout out on his list right now.

Calvin Pryor is a perfect example of a recruit from a small town. Not a lot of people knew about the standout from the panhandle until recently. Over the past month Calvin's recruitment has started to pick up as schools are showing interest.

Pryor is one of Florida's top two-way threats as he is a very good running back, but most of the interest is coming in as a safety or athlete. Calvin is now approaching double digit offers, and he expects things to pick up once coaches can come to his school in May.

"I have 7 offers right now and things are going well," said Pryor. "The offers I have are from Baylor, Florida State, USF, Maryland, Louisville, FIU and Stanford. Other schools are starting to show interest. Coach Zook from Illinois has been by my school and others are in contact right now. Once these coaches can come see me and I get one the field I think it will pick up more."

Right now there are 3 schools that Calvin says sticks out at this time. Another is trying to climb the list to gain Pryor's attention.

"FSU, Louisville and Maryland are the 3 teams that stick out to me right now the most because those are the three I have the most contact with," explained Pryor. "Baylor has been talking to me a little more now. I talked them about a verbal offer and they ended up sending an official (offer). They are telling me they want me to come there for a visit and how I can come in there and play early for them."

"I like the atmosphere at FSU a lot and I like the academics there," continued Pryor on his top 3. "I like Louisville because of Coach Strong and how they have new coaches. They are up and coming like FSU is and that is what I want to be apart of. With Maryland I was looking online and it looks like they have nice facilities. I want to go up there to see if I am comfortable there."

There's been some speculation that FSU was in the lead for Calvin, so much that a commitment may be near. He told NoleDigest that at this time that is not the case. He did say whenever he feels like he's found the right fit; he will go ahead and end his recruitment.

"No, it is not true that I am committing to FSU soon," said Pryor. "I am not going to commit to anyone yet and I am going to keep my options open. I am probably not going to commit until Signing Day; at least that is what I am going to try to do. If I go on a visit, get around the players, like the facilities and the academics I may commit."

FSU will play a major role in Calvin's recruitment as he says it is a school he has a ton of interest in. They've been showing him a lot of attention, and it was Coach Stoops first stop when he went on the road.

"FSU has been talking to me about the guys they have committed and how they may only take 18 or so in this class," explained Pryor. "They want me in their class. It was impressive that Coach Stoops made his first stop to my school. I've talked to all of the coaches over there. Coach Coley, Coach Fisher, Coach Trickett, and Coach Haggins…all of them. I have a good relationship with all of them. I have a really good relationship with Coach Stoops."

The 6'2" 205 pound athlete missed the spring game for the Seminoles, but he was able to make one of the Junior Days the school had earlier in the year.

"I couldn't make the spring game but I did make a Junior Day," Pryor said, "and that was a great visit. They were getting ready for spring practice at the time. I spent time with Karlos Williams, Keelin Smith and Lamarcus Brutus in the meetings talking X's and O's. I really like the scheme there. I play zone right now so I think I could fit right in. I also can line up man to man and throw you around."

Pryor knows what he is looking for in a school.

"I want to go somewhere that has a good communications major," said Pryor. "I heard FSU has a great one. That's the thing with these officials. I will visit FSU, Louisville and Maryland. I don't know about the other 2 yet. While others look at just the football side I want to see the whole thing; how the players are, how the education is, and how the facilities are."

A factor that could possibly delay Calvin's growth in offers is that he is busy playing baseball right now. Thursday night his team won districts, and he feels they have a shot to go far in the playoffs. Calvin doesn't plan on playing spring football until baseball is over.

"I've been playing baseball and we actually won districts tonight," said Pryor. "I haven't played in like 6 years but the coaches have said I have really helped them a lot. I am batting .486 and I am playing center field. If the ball comes anywhere close to me I am going to catch it. I have been told by some scouts that I have a chance to get drafted, but I am committed to playing football. It has always been my dream to play in the NFL and I am going to pursue college football and see where it takes me. Spring ball starts May 6th for us but I am not going to be out there until baseball is over. We have a good shot this year so this is a chance I may miss spring ball, but we will see."

Right now Calvin is okay with sitting back and taking the process in stride. He realizes that his stock is one the rise, but he's going to focus on preparing himself for the next level.

"It's not a big deal to me that I am not nationally known because when I get into college I will make a big impact," explained Pryor. "There've been a lot of guys who've been rated highly that haven't done anything in college. I am just going to be myself, work hard and rely on my work ethic."

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