ITV Video: Farley, Ngarndi and Rondo

Exclusive ITV video of Cardinal commitment Terrance Farley (3 clips) and top local prospects Guy Ngarndi (6 clips) and Rajon Rando (2 clips).

The following video clips are viewable with either Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

Please note that these videos are not friendly with dialup users.

Terrance Farley

  Farley warming up (191kb)
  Farley dunk during warmups (119kb)
  Farley reverse dunk during warmups (119kb)

Guy Ngarndi

  Guy Ngarndi jump shot in the lane (263kb)
  Guy Ngarndi with the assist (431kb)
  Guy Ngarndi at the free throw line (551kb)
  Guy Ngarndi breakaway dunk (119kb)
  Guy Ngarndi layup (351kb)
  Guy Ngarndi rebound and put back, plus one! (399kb)

Rajon Rondo

  Rondo layup during warmups (119kb)
  Rondo 3-pointer during warmups (118kb)

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