Jurich: 'Sky the limit' with Strong in charge

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich gave a 'state of the union' address on Charlie Strong's football program at the Governor's Cup event Wednesday at Lake Forest C.C. Jurich talked about PJCS expansion progress, Strong's performance as UofL's coach and the rebuilding process that lies ahead.

Update on PJCS expansion

"It will be ready for the first game. Everything, knock on wood, has been going great. They said we should have occupancy in the next couple weeks and they'll spend the rest of the time cleaning it up and touching it up. It looks great. It's a great tribute to the fans in this economy to be able to do the arena and the football stadium at the same time."

On Charlie Strong

Tom Jurich said the 'sky is the limit' with Charlie Strong heading Louisville's football program.
"He's been terrific. He's impressed me like he has impressed all of you . He's full of enthusiasm and he has a ton of integrity and character. I love his passion. I always want to hire somebody that has the same passion I do and I certainly think he does. I love how he handles everything from A to Z. I love how he handles the student athletes and when he talks the talk about education he means it. Seeing how he pushes those kids he really wants them to succeed. That's exciting."

Jurich still prefers first game for UK

"We like it [first]. I'm not going to ever back away from that. Certainly they like it the third game because they haven't lost it the third game. I like the energy it brings the state [when it's the first game]. It's a lot of fun listening to everybody talk about it. But Charlie is right, if you play it first, sixth or twelfth it isn't going to matter because you've still got to go play it."

Football State of the Union

"He has really assembled a great staff. He doesn't take enough credit for that. He put together a great group. The only thing I asked him to do was to go get the best [coaches] and take his time doing that. A lot of guys wouldn't do that with their first head [coaching] job. He did it. And that recruiting class was his. That guy did it all himself. He worked night and day to put that together. I just think the sky is going to be the limit for this program."

On the rebuilding process

"It's just as hard to build it up as it is to take it down. It goes down quicker than it goes up. There's no question about that. We want to make sure we do it right and build a good foundation. I have no aspirations that we're going to do it overnight. We have to continue to recruit, recruit, recruit. I think that will solve all of our problems."

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