Jurich comments on Rick Pitino

Tom Jurich commented on Louisville men's basketball coach Rick Pitino Wednesday afternoon at the Governor's Cup event at Lake Forest, the same day Pitino testified in Federal Court during the Karen Sypher trial.

Louisville AD Tom Jurich comments on Rick Pitino:

"We want to get this [trial] behind Rick [Pitino], these problems he's got. Once we do that I think everything is going to be great."

"He's been waiting for it. It's hard to say you're impressed with somebody in this situation because it's tough but he's taken this thing head on and I saw on TV today that he walked right through the front door [of the federal courthouse], he didn't go through the backdoor. This is important to him. He wants to get his side out because he's had to live with this for about 18 months. So it's [taken] a strong toll on him. I think he's really excited about being able to tell his side."

"He made a mistake seven years and he admitted it. He's paid the ultimate price with his family. I don't think any of us would want to change positions with him. But he's taken it head on. That's the way he coaches and teaches. He's a very honorable person in how he's handled things. I think he's going to be better for it."

"I know that there's a renewed energy in Rick Pitino. It came with his new contract and he's excited about it. I'm excited about the future and I will stand behind him because he's meant so much to our program."

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