LSU-Vandy: Possesion Tracker

Get the recap from LSU's SEC opener through the TSD Possession Tracker.

LSU Drive #1

Quarter 1: 15:00

Just like last week, LSU keeps it conservative on the opening drive. Jordan Jefferson coughed the ball up on the first snap of the game, and the work from there went to Stevan Ridley and then Richard Murphy. Murphy got the start, and he rushed for no gain on 3rd-and-1.

Result: Punt


Vanderbilt Drive #1

Quarter 2: 12:47

Ryan Baker (broken jaw) and Craig Loston get the start for LSU on defense. This is Baker’s first game back since being injured in the preseason. It’s Loston’s first start of his career. Jonathan Krause gave Vanderbilt nine yards on second down, but Smith and receiver John Cole couldn’t get on the same page on third down.

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #2

Quarter 1: 11:39

After Jefferson tossed an incomplete pass to Rueben Randle on first down, freshman running back Alfred Blue got his first college touch. He gained three yards to put it at 3rd-and-7. Jefferson then overthrew Russell Shepard to end the drive.

Result: Punt


Vanderbilt Drive #2

Quarter 1: 10:40

A sack by Sam Montgomery put Vanderbilt behind the chains in a hurry. That’s Montgomery’s second sack in two games. Then Montgomery came from the blind side to lay a big hit on Vanderbilt quarterback Larry Smith on second down (he got the ball of just in time). After a 15-yard run by Smith, Vanderbilt comes up two yards short of the first down and decides to punt

Peterson then had a bit of a mental lapse, fair-catching it inside the 10-yard line.

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #3

Quarter 1: 9:06

Three possessions, three punts for LSU. Ridley rushed for four yards on first down, then Jefferson stumbled on the final two snaps. He fumbled and lost six yards on second down, and on 3rd-and-11 from LSU’s six-yard line he couldn’t hit receiver Rueben Randle.

Derek Helton punts it 45 yards to give Vanderbilt the ball at midfield.

Result: Punt


Vanderbilt Drive #3

Quarter 1: 7:26

Zach Stacy gives Vanderbilt a nice opening run of seven yards, and Smith follows it up with an eight-yard completion to Tray Herndon for the first down.

After a false start penalty put the Commodores back five yards, defensive tackle Josh Downs got into the backfield and stopped Norman Warren for a loss of three yards. A bad snap from the Vanderbilt center then put the Commodores at 3rd-and-29. Smith’s third down pass to Norman went for only a yard before freshman Tyrann Mathieu stepped in and made the tackle.

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #4

Quarter 1: 4:21

Behind a 12-play, 5:01 drive, LSU was able to get on the board first.

The first big strike came on a 17-yard pass play from Jefferson to Terrance Toliver. After Ridley rushed for no gain, Jefferson hit Toliver for another first down. After a loss of two from Shepard on a run, Jefferson found tight end Mitch Joseph for a gain of 10 yards. On 3rd-and-2, Jefferson kept it up the middle for a gain of five.

The drive then moved into the second quarter, and Jefferson converted another third down via the rush (four yards this time around). After an incomplete pass to Randle, Shepard took an end around and rushed 30 yards for the opening score of the contest.

It was Shepard’s third touchdown through the team’s opening two games.

Result: Touchdown

LSU 7, Vanderbilt 0


Vanderbilt Drive #4

Quarter 2: 14:20

Drake Nevis comes up big early with a stop in the backfield, bringing down Stacy for a loss of six yards on the first-down rush.

After Smith rushed for no gain, a holding penalty put Vanderbilt in a 3rd-and-24 situation. A five-yard pass from Smith to Brandon Barden ended the drive. Peterson was back to field the punt for the fourth time this game. He gained six yards on the return to give LSU starting field position at their own 34.

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #5

Quarter 2: 12:01

More Alfred Blue out of the gate. The freshman back carried the ball for a seven-yard gain on second down, giving LSU their only first down of the drive.

Jefferson was then sacked for a six-yard loss, and a loss of four yards by Shepard put the chains at 3rd-and-12. Jefferson’s incompletion to Randle then forced the punt. A fair-catch by Stacy on the Derek Helton punt gave Vanderbilt starting field position at their own 23.

Result: Punt


Vanderbilt Drive #5

Quarter 2: 9:42

Not much going for the Commodores, and for the fifth-straight possession the home team was forced to punt.

Norman opened it up with a one-yard loss on first down, and a personal foul by Udom Umoh set the chains back 10 yards further. Smith then tossed an incompletion to Udoh before being sacked by KeKe Mingo on third down. The sack is Mingo’s second of his short LSU career (two games played).

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #6

Quarter 2: 7:33

Another Richard Murphy sighting, this time for positive results – a seven-yard gain to move the chains to 3rd-and-1. Jefferson picked up two yards on the third-down keeper to keep the chains moving.

Jefferson then tossed a pair of incompletions – both to Russell Shepard – to end the drive. LSU settled for a Josh Jasper field goal from 36 yards out.

Result: Field Goal

LSU 10, Vanderbilt 0


Vanderbilt Drive #6

Quarter 2: 5:27

After a pair of Norman rushes got Vanderbilt just one yard, Smith found freshman receiver Jonathan Krause for the 22-yard pickup and first down.

Kelvin Sheppard rushed Smith into an incompletion on second down, and on third Sheppard joined up with Drake Nevis to get the sack for a loss of seven yards.

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #7

Quarter 2: 2:22

The drive ended before it really began.

Jefferson and Blue couldn’t get on the same page and put the ball on the ground on the option, which Blue picked up at LSU’s five-yard line.

Vanderbilt burned a timeout, and LSU’s T-Bob Hebert was then hit with the false start to move the chains to 2nd-and-28. Jefferson tossed an incompletion to Shepard on second down and kept the ball for the short gain on third.

Result: Punt


Vanderbilt Drive #7

Quarter 2: 1:45

The Commodores seventh possession was their final before half, and once again it was Nevis that made things difficult with the 11-yard sack on first down.

Tyrann Mathieu broke up Smith’s second-down pass to Brandon Barden, and on third KeKe Mingo came up with the one-yard sack to force the punt. The sack was Mingo’s second of the season.

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #8

Quarter 2: 1:01

After Shepard rushed for 12 yards to move the ball out to the 33-yard line, back-to-back touches by the sophomore receiver yielded a gain of six. The Tigers let the clock tick off on 3rd-and-4 and headed to the locker room with the double-digit lead.

Result: End of Half


-      Halftime Stats –

Total Yards: LSU 127 – 30 Vanderbilt

First Downs: LSU 8 – 2 Vanderbilt

Rushing Yards: LSU 29-90 – 17-7 Vanderbilt

Passing Yards: LSU 37 – 37 Vanderbilt

Punt Return Yards: LSU 2-8 – 1-7 Vanderbilt

Kickoff Return Yards: LSU 1-33 – 2-35 Vanderbilt

Punts: LSU 5 (39.0) – 7 (43.7) Vanderbilt

Fumbles (lost): LSU 3 (0) – 1 (0) Vanderbilt

Possession: LSU 15:56 – 14:04 Vanderbilt


Jordan Jefferson: 3-of-12, 47 yards

Russell Shepard: 6 rushes, 55 yards, 1 touchdown

Terrance Toliver: 2 catches, 27 yards



Vanderbilt Drive #8

Quarter 3: 15:00

Vanderbilt came out fast, putting three points on the board on their opening possession of the second half.

The big play came on a 51-yard option rush by Warren Norman. Safety Craig Loston was the only man left to make a play once Norman found open space, and though he made the tackle Loston was tagged with a personal foul that gave Vanderbilt a first-and-goal at the seven.

Stacy rushed for three yards to put the ball at the four-yard line, but an incomplete pass followed by a sack - Drake Nevis, once more - ended hopes of six points.

Result: Field Goal

LSU 10, Vanderbilt 7


LSU Drive #9

Quarter 3: 12:56

Just when LSU looked to have an answer, the bad game for Jordan Jefferson continued.

Ridley made some nice cuts to get eight yards on first down, and Blue took the ball to near midfield with a five yard gain on third down and short.

The Tigers quickly faced another third down, and this time it was a completion from Jefferson to Randle that gained 14 yards for the first down.

A big play then came from freshman Spencer Ware, who lined up at fullback, got out of the backfield in a hurry and pulled down a 24-yard pass along the left sideline, putting the ball at the Vanderbilt 13-yard line.

From there:

First Down – Ridley run for two yards

Second Down – Jefferson complete for three yards to Toliver.

Third Down – False Start by new name in at guard Josh Williford followed by an interception. Jefferson was looking for Toliver in the corner of the endzone, but the LSU quarterback stared down the route and tossed the ball short, giving time for Casey Hayward to step up and make the pick.

Result: Touchback


Vanderbilt Drive #9

Quarter 3: 7:50

Vanderbilt picked up a first down on three plays for a combined 11 yards, but the drive stalled there.

Defensive end Ken Adams took down Stacy for a one-yard loss on first down, and Sheppard made the tackle before Stacy could get anything going on second. On 3rd-and-11 Smith tucked the ball and took off for the first, but Ryan Baker – playing for the first time this season after he suffered a broken jaw in the preseason – stepped in and made the stop a yard short of the marker.

Faced with 4-and-1 from their own 40-yard line, Vanderbilt took the delay of game penalty and punted the ball away for the eighth time on the night. The lone possession that has not ended in a punt was Vanderbilt’s opening drive of the second half.

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #10

Quarter 3: 4:14

Thanks to a bad outing from Jordan Jefferson, LSU began to turn the bout into a ground duel.

On a drive that resulted in three points, the Tigers rushed the ball on 10 of the team’s 12 snaps. Ridley took half of the carries, including the 3rd-and-3 snap from the Vanderbilt eight-yard line. Stopped short, LSU settled on the Josh Jasper 23-yard field goal to push the lead to double-digits.

Result: Field Goal

LSU 13, Vanderbilt 3


LSU Drive #11

Quarter 4: 12:32

If Vanderbilt hoped to get back in this one, their chances more or less ended when running back Warren Norman fumbled the ball on the kickoff with 12 minutes to play.

LSU’s Ryan St. Julien stepped in and recovered the loose ball.

A combined 20 yards on two carries by Ridley put the ball at the Vanderbilt six-yard line, and true freshman Alfred Blue stepped in to finish the job – carrying the ball six yards for his first college touchdown.

With five touches, it looks like Blue really turned heads around LSU this week. On a related note, there is still no sign of Michael Ford.

Result: Touchdown

LSU 20, Vanderbilt 3


Vanderbilt Drive #10

Quarter 4: 10:28

A nine-yard pass from Smith to Barden and a nine-yard scamper from Norman were the big plays on the drive, but Vanderbilt saw five minutes tick off the clock before they were forced to punt the ball away once more.

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #12

Quarter 4: 5:49

With Jarrett Lee in at quarterback, Randle hauled in a 16-yard catch – his second of the game – to move the chains on second down.

Stevan Ridley took the next snap off the right side and rushed 65 yards for his first score of the evening. After two fumbles last weekend, Ridley finished the night with 159 yards and a score on 17 carries.

Result: Touchdown

LSU 27-3


Vanderbilt Drive #11

Quarter 4: 4:34

With the entire second-team in for LSU on defense, Vanderbilt was hit with a delay of game on first down, a one-yard gain on second and an incomplete pass on third.

The pass was broken up by freshman Eric Reid, who came down from safety to lay a dynamite hit on receiver Akeem Dunham.

Richard Kent stepped in and booted his 10 punt of the game. By night’s end, Kent had recorded 421 yards via punts.

Result: Punt


LSU Drive #13

Quarter 4: 2:46

Michael Ford time!

With just over two minutes on the clock, Ford recorded his first touches as an LSU Tiger – the third running back to do so on the night.

He carried the ball for five yards, nine yards and two yards. The final touch of the game went to Spencer Ware, who rushed for eight yards before he was pushed out of bounds alongside the LSU sideline.

Result: End of Game

Final: LSU 27, Vanderbilt 3


Final Stats:

Total Yards: LSU 392 – 135 Vanderbilt

First Downs: LSU 21 – 8 Vanderbilt

Rushing Yards: LSU 50-280 – 32-65 Vanderbilt

Passing Yards: LSU 112 – 70 Vanderbilt

Punt Return Yards: LSU 2-8 – 1-7 Vanderbilt

Kickoff Return Yards: LSU 2-51 – 6-104 Vanderbilt

Punts: LSU 5 (39.0) – 10 (42.1) Vanderbilt

Fumbles (lost): LSU 3 (0) – 4 (1) Vanderbilt

Possession: LSU 33:49 – 26:11 Vanderbilt


Jordan Jefferson: 8-of-20, 96 yards, 1 INT

Russell Shepard: 17 rushes, 159 yards, 1 TD

Terrance Toliver: 3 catches, 30 yards

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