Hebert on Criticism of Miles, LSU

Go inside to hear center T-Bob Hebert discuss the negative press that the team has received.

On the negative attention that the weekend has brought to LSU

“I try to stay away from it a lot. I like to focus on us continuing to win games, especially now with the 24-hour rule. After games, whether you win or loss, you have 24 hours and you move on.”

“It would be impossible not to hear the criticism of our team. I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s a mixed bag. We haven’t always performed up to higher expectations, but we are still in a position where we can accomplish everything we set out to accomplish.”

“We are going to have to play better against Florida, and I fully expect us to. It’s going to be a lot of fun this week going down to the Swamp.”


Specifically on the negative comments directed towards head coach Les Miles…

“Coach Miles is our coach. He’s a guy who recruited me here. He’s been my coach since freshman year, and so has coach (Greg) Stud. If I owe any improvement on my part to anything I have done right up to this point, it’s because I have learned it from them. I stand behind them. We are 5-0. We have won these games up to this point. This team, we are united. We want to play for each other. We are like brothers, and we will continue to play hard.”


On becoming angry upon hearing the national media and fans backlash after the Tennessee win…

“It kind of does (make you angry). But I mean, it’s also water off the back. At the end of the day we have a mission, and it’s more of an internal thing. You can’t let everybody else’s criticism and opinions get to you. If you let them plant that seed of doubt in your mind, the whole team can fall apart if everyone starts arguing and blaming it on each other. We are united, and we are in the business of winning games.”


On the disconnect between what the fans see and what the coaches and players see from this 5-0 team…

“The disconnect comes from short-term memory in a lot of people’s cases. I have seen Jordan perform up to his top level and I have seen Jarrett perform to his top level, and I know how talented they are and I know how hard they compete. Also where the disconnect comes from is we are out there bleeding and sweating with these guys 365 days a year, and we know how good we can be as a team. Sometime that doesn’t always translate onto the field for various reasons, but I have confidence in us. I think it’s an amazing thing when you can pull together and win those nasty, dirty games like we are able to. You have no business winning a game where you are negative four turnovers and 10 penalties, but this team still did it, and that’s because we fight for each other and never give up.”

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