Tuesday chat with Joseph Addai

After LSU's first workout since last Saturday's scrimmage, Tiger running back Joseph Addai visited with Tiger Rag. Addai, a sophomore from Houston, talked about how his spring is going, the status of LSU's backfield and how the offense performed in last weekend's scrimmage.

On how the spring is going:

"It is going real good. From last week's scrimmage, we know where we are and what we have to work on."


On his performance in the scrimmage:

"I think I rant eh ball pretty well. But I think I need to work more on short yardage situations, you know, getting the ball in the end zone."


On his status among LSU's corps of running backs:

"I think there will be a lot of competition at running back, but I think I have the most experience back there. The thing will set me apart from the others is the little things. I am starting to fully understand the offense and things are starting to flow more smoothly. I not only know my position, but every position on offense like wide receiver quarterback and tight end."


On how he thinks the offense will perform in the upcoming season:

"I think we will be a lot more explosive. We will be much better off because we have so many experienced players coming back and we are comfortable with one another."


On being a leader:

"Coach hasn't given me the title of being a leader. But I know, since I have been here a while, I can help the team out there from a leadership standpoint, especially the younger players."


On his decline toward the end of last season:

"Toward the end of last season I hurt my hip, so that really took a toll on my playing time. But I didn't let it bother me. I knew my role on the team and we had two good running backs there already (Domanick Davis and LaBrandon Toefield) and I knew I have three more years to play."



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