Lewis Makes Official

Alonzo Lewis was the only LSU commitment to make his official visit this weekend. Go inside to hear the St. James standout recap the trip.

Alonzo Lewis spent his official visit as both a prospect and a host.

While the weekend gave Lewis and his parents a chance to spend a couple of days on campus, it also allowed time for the LSU commitment to help reel in two of the state’s top remaining targets: Thibodaux lineman Greg Robinson and Haughton quarterback Dak Prescott.

“That’s why I really wanted to be over there for the weekend,” he said. “I get along with Greg pretty well, so I enjoyed being the one to help host him this weekend. He followed Russell Shepard around a lot, but I really wanted to help stay in his ear to. We’re just trying to tell him that LSU is the place for him, just like it’s the place for us.”

Lewis, who made the trip with his mother and stepfather, gave many of the same reviews as Robinson.

“We ate a whole lot, and my mom said that was her only regret of the weekend,” he laughed. “The coaches kept all of our families together and we did dinner in the stadium and all that. It was all a good time. I got to visit with most of the coaches, but some of them were out on the road recruiting.”

The Lewis family spent most of Saturday on campus tours, which the 6-foot-3, 205-pounder said rubbed off on his parents in a big way.

“They were talking with the other parents about how good the academics looked, so I’m sure that makes them comfortable with my decision,” he said. “They like the coaches a lot too. The decision feels like a good one.”

Hosted by freshman cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, Lewis said that both nights spent with future teammates made the trip complete.

“Hanging out with those guys makes me want to get over there pretty bad,” he said. “Only six more months and then I’ll be there. Tyrann really made me feel like I was already one of the guys.

“I’d say the weekend was a big success for me. I got to have some fun and help recruit a couple of big name guys, and my parents got to see the campus and meet a little bit more with the coaches. It was a good taste of what’s to come.”

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