Hill Speaks Out

With plans to take all five of his official visits, longtime LSU commitment Jeremy Hill will work with a clean slate going forward. Despite the decision, Hill said he remains in LSU's corner.

LSU has put together another top-ranked recruiting class, one anchored by a plethora of talent grown in the Tigers backyard.

On Monday, one of the group’s original members – Jeremy Hill – decided to go forward with a clean slate, though the idea that putting the pen to the paper with anyone but LSU remains a longshot.

“It would take a lot for anyone to make up the relationship that I have built with LSU,” Hill said. “I put my heart and soul into helping shape the decisions of a lot of those guys. I helped talk most of The Fam into committing early so that we could work on other players.

“It’s been a real family for me all the way. They have sort of been everything to me up to this point.”

While offers came in from schools from coast to coast, the Baton Rouge native said that – up to this month – the scholarship letters went from the mailbox to the trash can.

“I would just tear up each letter right when it came,” Hill said. “Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, and that’s the point that my mom and coaches were trying to make to me.”

Last week, a conversation between Hill and his mother left him up in the air on what he should do moving forward.

“Nobody wants me to regret anything, and getting on all five of these official visits will let me know for sure that LSU is the place like I think it is,” he said. “It’s not about anything like depth at running back; it’s just a family decision.”

The four-star prospect visited Alabama last weekend, and he said three more visits could come in January.

“I think I will give a look at teams like Florida State, Auburn and Tennessee,” he said. “My coach told me Oregon and Oklahoma also showed interest, so one of those could end up being a visit.”

With two months until signing day, could any of the aforementioned slip past LSU?

“Like I said, it would take a lot from someone,” he said. “Even while I was up at Alabama, I spent the entire night on Friday following Kenny (Hilliard) and Patterson. I’m not down on LSU at all, I’m just going to take a couple more visits and weigh my options out again.”


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