Wednesday chat with Nick Saban

We had promised a Wednesday chat with senior middle linebacker Jason Ledoux today, but LSU head coach Nick Saban met with the media and had some interesting tidbits following Wednesday's workout. Here are a few soundbytes from Saban's press conference. We promise a visit with Ledoux Thursday and a chat with junior linebacker Lionel Turner on Friday.

On the progression of the offensive line:

"I am very pleased with the job Stacey (Searls) has been doing and the way the players have responded to him. I think our offensive line has been playing very well. I think that is for a couple of reasons. One, they have a lot of experience and we have some pretty good football players there. Everybody seems to be very well adjusted to the new situation and don't seem to affected by it in a negative way."


On watching the film of last weekend's scrimmage:

"I was a little disappointed with the crispness of the scrimmage. I didn't think we tackled very well on defense.I thought we ran the ball fairly effectively. We didn't throw the ball as effectively and efficiently as we would have liked, but we had a few too many drops as well as some misreads and maybe some not so good decisions. I think is was fairly evident that our ones are much farther along than our twos on both sides of the ball and I think it is very important that we continue to develop more players in the two-deep so we can go into the season with more depth. It is important we get these guys more knowledge and experience as the spring goes on."


On how long the coaching staff dwells on certain things after a scrimmage:

"We made corrections in terms of what we did and didn't do well. We evaluate some things and decide whether we want to continue to do them or not do it. We really just move on. If you don't, you never get finished. You will never get done what you want to get done because you run out of days and you don't have questions answered then you don't get accomplished everything you want to have accomplished. We are here to work on the concepts of things we have to do and if we keep going back to other things, we never get a chance to do the things we really want to work on. I feel like we need to get exposure to everything. I feel like our first group is ready for it but our second teams would be better served if we spent more time trying to develop them. But I don't think you can hold your team back, you have to move forward."


On Justin Vincent playing defense:

"Justin (Vincent) is very active as a defensive player. He makes a lot of plays. It is hard for him to learn all the stuff, especially relative to all the things we are doing on offense. I am not disappointed at all about what he has done. We are very pleased with him as a running back, but we will do this a couple more days and see where it takes us and kind of go from there."


On the team's growing identity:

"In the scrimmage, I liked the toughness that we played with especially on offense. I wasn't displeased with toughness and character that we played with with our ones. But the immaturity of some of our next players was pretty obvious and evident for the first time out. I am hopeful those guys will make a real improvement this week. I think this week we have had really good practices. We have been more physical and aggressive with more guys competing out there. We are certainly driving that point that if you are going to compete, it is okay if you play hard and make a mistake. But if you don't play hard and don't mistake, that just doesn't get it. I think that is part of the character and identity that we want to get established."

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