Bourque Sees Baton Rouge

Crowley High's Davante' Bourque and father Kirk Landry spent Saturday on the LSU campus.

Davante’ Bourque had originally planned to visit the LSU campus only once over the next month, but a run-in with assistant coach Brick Haley on Friday saw the Crowley High standout change his schedule up a bit.

Instead of only coming in for the larger Junior Day in February Haley extended an invitation for Bourque and his father to join the LSU staff at Saturday’s Boys from the Boot, a smaller gathering limited to some of the top Louisiana talent for 2012.

While he already holds scholarship offers from Tennessee and Arkansas, Bourque is growing more confident – thanks to weekends like these - with his chances of ending up in purple and gold.

“Being around the staff was probably the best part of the day, especially when I sat down and talked to coach Miles about where I fit in,” he said. “He was impressed with what he had seen of me, but he wants me to come over to some camps this summer so they can look at me in person.

“He wants me as a wide receiver, which is fine by me. Coach Miles basically sat me down one-on-one and laid it out for me, and at the end of the conversation he told me that they will keep in touch, and he wants me to keep in touch with him.”

Bourque will travel to College Station for the Texas A&M Junior Day later this month, meaning that the impression that the Tigers made on Saturday will need to carry over through the next few weeks and into Bourque’s return visit.

Gauging from his tone, it doesn’t appear that will be a problem.

“I can tell they really want me at LSU, so I definitely like that,” he said. “I’ve gotten to know coach Brick (Haley), coach Frank (Wilson) and coach Miles, so it’s starting to feel a lot more comfortable for me. LSU is sitting in a good spot, no doubt. They are still my top team.”

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