Getting to Know: Paul Turner

Paul Turner, the former West Monroe quarterback who heads to LSU as a signee at receiver, opens up on his life both on and off the field.


Name: Paul Turner

Current Height and Weight… 5-11, 190

City/State: West Monroe, La.

High School: West Monroe

Scholarship Offers: LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, TCU, Texas A&M, ULM, Louisiana Tech

2010 Stats: 1,245 yards passing and 14 touchdowns, 924 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns

Reporting on… “I will be there on the weekend of June 6. I’m looking forward to getting there. If I could leave this week I would.”

Majoring in… “Biology.”

Why he chose that route… “I said I wanted to go biology instead of kinesiology because I wanted to go into something a little more broad. If something happens and I get hurt then I could come back and go to med school or something like that.”

A strong finish… “I ended up with a 4.0 again, so I was named Valedictorian. There were a few of us that had the 4.0 GPA the whole way, but I am still proud of the accomplishment. It was a lot of hard work.”

Jersey Number… “I want 10, but [Russell] Shepard won’t give that up. So maybe a single digit number. It’s really no big deal. I could start with a high jersey and then work my way in.”

Why LSU… “Basically it was the best fit for me. I wanted to play for my home state. I wanted to represent. Academics came into play as well. It’s just a winning program, and a place where I can test myself. LSU has a great staff that will help me develop.”

What other schools were in the mix… “Before LSU offered I was set on TCU. Me and Chuck Hunter were both looking hard at that. We wanted to go to the same place.”

Impressive score… “I had one of the top SPARQ scores in the country after I worked out at a Nike camp in Alabama last summer. I actually didn’t even know about it until recently. They tested us in a combine setting, and I guess it was just my day (laughing).”

Earning an offer at summer camp… “I had talked it over with my dad that we would stick to being recruited at cornerback. I got to LSU and we went to [defensive backs] coach [Ron] Cooper and he worked me out for five or 10 minutes. Then he walked me to [wide receivers] coach [Billy] Gonzales and I just stayed there. I guess you can say I never left (laughing). Both wanted me at either spot, so they were going to talk about it. I am guessing later on they decided I was doing receiver, because I would get most of my calls from coach Gonzales.”

Reaction to the offer… “The exact day I got offered I didn’t commit. I talked about it with my mom. I didn’t want to rush because LSU had offered. I figured to take my time and think it over, and that lasted maybe two weeks. Then I committed.”

What coach best relationship… “I would definitely say Gonzales.”

Ideal position… “I am a slot guy, but I can play outside receiver if need be. Whatever position they feel is best then I will take.”

Fellow signees he’s excited to play with… “[Acadiana defensive back] Micah Eugene. We ran into him in the Superdome for the state title, so I guess you could say I know him a little too well. [Texas cornerback] David Jenkins is another guy I can’t wait to see. I know those guys, and I will grow to know everyone else.”

Being part of “The Fam”… “It’s pretty cool for me. That was what we really talked about when we were on the official visit. It might be one of the greatest recruiting classes they have had, and I get to be a part of it.”

Playing QB at West Monroe… “There’s lots of pressure on your shoulders, but I guess it’s like playing quarterback at any school. You have to learn to become the leader of your team. And West Monroe was a great atmosphere. And with some good coaching, you learn how to read a lot of schemes. I had a great quarterbacks coach who told me how to read schemes.”

Continuing the LSU-West Monroe pipeline… “It’s an honor. A lot of great athletes have come from here and played at LSU. Believe me, I am going to come and live up to the expectations. I am ready to come in and do what I can. I also am pumped to see guys like KeKe [Mingo] and Jordan [Allen].”

Hometown reaction… “I felt like everyone was really happy for me. They thought I made the right decision in the end, and I really appreciated that. Coach [Don] Shows said I made the right decision and that he was happy LSU offered. With all the offers on the table, he thought that was the best one for me.”

LSU strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt’s workout program… “I have been watching lots of the DVDs and reading through the book they sent. Coach Sanders’ son Luke went to LSU and he came back and installed some of the same workouts. I work out with them and then come home and do my own stuff.”

Favorite activity outside football… “I know lots of guys will say this, but for me it really is working out. No doubt. I just want to continue to get better. My drive is always to be better than my brother. He played ball at Tech, and we would go toe to toe to see who was faster and stronger, even to this day.”

Favorite pro team… “The Los Angeles Lakers. It’s been a tough week (laughing). But for me it goes back to the Lakers as long as I watched TV. My dad would watch with me, so it was a family thing.”

Favorite pro player… “That’s a tough one. I love Kobe, but Michael Vick was always my favorite when it came to football. He has that electrifying movement that I go for.”

Hottest celebrity… “So many to choose from. It’s tough, but my favorite is still Megan Fox.”

Favorite movie… “Hitch. Ever since I saw it the first time it’s been a favorite of mine.”

Favorite Book… “Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.”

Secret talent… “I would say singing. I am the Boys II Men type.”

Nickname… “They call me Burner Turner. People also call me Prime Time, but that is just because of the initials. It’s not necessarily a Deion [Sanders] thing.”


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