Getting to Know: Micah Eugene

Micah Eugene is coming off one of the biggest seasons of any prospect in Louisiana, and caught up with the LSU signee to talk about his life away from football.

Name: Micah Eugene

Height and Weight: 5-10, 192

City, State: Lafayette, La.

Senior Stats: 2,031 yards rushing and 25 touchdowns at running back and 127 tackles, two interceptions, and five forced fumbles at safety.

Scholarship Offers: LSU, USC, Alabama, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, Miami (Ohio)

Reporting on… “I want to get in early. I was talking with guys like Paul Turner and Jalen Collins and David Jenkins about rooming together, so I am sure I will end up getting down there and being with one of them.”

Who he’s grown close with… “Those are my main guys. We got each other’s numbers and hit each other up whenever. It’s like a brother thing. Paul Turner is one guy I really like, and we have that rivalry from playing in the state title game. aught him one time. He tried shaking me and I got a little contact. Not full contact or anything.”

Spending the offseason on the sidelines… “I am one of the coaches for spring ball. I am showing the young guys how it gets done. I miss being out there, but I will be on the field again soon.”

Working out to LSU strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt’s plan… “Outside of helping the team by being out there for practice, that’s all I have to do. We are out of school now. There is literally nothing else to do over here. I would say I am probably in the best shape I have ever been in. I ran track, too. That helped me keep in great shape.”

Preferred position… “I definitely got my fair share of playing both ways, so that’s a hard one. I really like hitting people. I guess I will say defense because of that.”

Expectations for his freshman season… “I hope to play, and I think there is a chance for me if I can prove it this summer. Right now I am just excited.

Academic update… “My grades were a worry for me at this time last year. I even thought that I might have to go to Junior College at one point. But I worked hard in every class, and finally I can say that I am good to go. Finished with As in the classes I need to. I also sent my ACT to the Clearinghouse, and I am good. In the end I feel great. I worked hard all that time and studied with a tutor to make sure that I could play college ball right away.”

When his recruitment turned for the better… “It was around Christmas that coaches started to call me to talk, because I had just had a good semester in the classroom and was playing really well on Friday nights. Coach Cooper from LSU came and started talking to me. Then USC and a bunch of other schools came through. At one point I started getting aggravated. I couldn’t even go to sleep with the phone calls. I just wanted it to be over with. That’s why I committed the day the official offer from LSU came across.”

Reaction to the offer… “Of course I was pumped up about it, and my family was the same way. Everyone can come and see me play big time college football. That was the big thing. As for my teammates, they were all just happy that I made it to LSU. They look up to me, so I am representing for them as well.”

If not LSU, then… “I wasn’t considering others except for Alabama. That was a big one for me, but I made the right choice to stay home.”

A bumpy road to the state title… “We found out in October that we were going to have to forfeit four games for using an ineligible player. The day coach told us I laughed. I didn’t think that it was happening, and then I didn’t think that we would get seeded at the bottom and have to work our way through the playoffs against the best teams even though we had one of the best records. But when they did, that brought us together as a team. We got to a point where we were clicking and didn’t think we were ever going to lose. The blowouts started happening, and next thing we knew we had beaten West Monroe (21-14) and were state champs.

Not your typical victory celebration… “I was so tired that I never even tried to hold the trophy after we won (laughing). I just remember letting the underclassmen that never played run around with it, because they put in work too. I just liked watching my teammates celebrate. It was a moment where I was proud of everyone.”

When he’s not playing football… “I guess I just hang. I like to chill with my girl. I work out a lot, too. That’s about it.”

Favorite pro team… “I like the Eagles because of Mike Vick. I just really like him because of how electrifying he is. I have a little of that in me.”

Favorite movie… “Remember the Titans”

Hottest celebrity… “I don’t really care for any. I keep it local.”

Nickname… “Prime Time. That’s what everyone calls me.”



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