Getting to Know: Jarvis Landry

Get to know one of LSU's top prospects from the 2011 signing class.

Name: Jarvis Landry

Height/Weight: 6-1, 210

City/State: Lutcher, La.

High School: Lutcher

Scholarship Offers: LSU, Auburn, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and others


Making his grades in the classroom… “That was a lot of hard work because there was a point where I had to grind it out just to make sure I was cleared in time. It was overwhelming when I got the news. I was cleared by the Clearinghouse and became the first guy from my family to go to a big DI school and do what I love, which is playing football. My brother was there with me when the news came and he broke down and started crying.”

On adjusting to college… “The football part is easy. It has always just come to me. Growing up it was the things around that gave me hell, the things outside of football. That will be big for me now that I am adapting to life on my own when I start school. I feel like I came up well with a good mom and family. I am kind of nervous (about leaving Lutcher), but I know that I am going to represent LSU well.”

What his commitment to LSU meant… “It means the world to not just me, but my family. Now I feel overwhelmed by it all because there was a part where I gave up. People around me lifted my spirits and told me I had that chance to be the best and get a chance one day to play somewhere like LSU. I couldn’t do it alone, and I am happy I had family to share the decision with.”

On Frank Wilson… “Coach Frank didn’t have a father growing up either, so he helped step into the role of a father figure. When he was coaching up at Tennessee, I wanted to be there. I can tell you a couple of guys that committed to LSU wouldn’t have done that if coach Frank had stayed. He wants to connect and be there for you, and that means a lot to me. I never had a father figure in life. My brother left for college and tried to provide for us. He encourages me to keep going and make sure that I do things the right way, too.”

When he heard Wilson was coming to LSU… “I was at school and coach Frank called me off a Tennessee number since he didn’t have a 225 area code phone yet. He asked if I was ready, and I said yes, but I really didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Then he said he changed colors. I thought he might have meant a recruit or something. Then he said “I am home,” and that took me over the top. If I wasn’t at LSU then it would be Tennessee. Coach Frank is just a guy keeps it real. In this process, that’s hard to find. So for me, it all fell into place at LSU.”

Being part of the 2011 class known as “The Fam”… “I am definitely happy about how that all played out. We signed like 17 in-state guys. That’s big because you rarely sign that. Texas or Florida is like that. And now Louisiana, and it’s some of the best guys in the country. Off the field, we have that ability to be free with one another. That made it feel right. It’s a great fit for everyone in the group.”

Signing a QB for the future in Zach Mettenberger “I was excited. Being a receiver, I talked with coach Frank about the quarterback situation, and I basically said I didn’t know about it. There were times where I was worried about depth. But he said I am going to get the best quarterback in America for your class. After that I said there would be no doubts on my commitment. I just felt like I might not be that involved in the offense if production didn’t rise down the road. He told me about Mettenberger, I watched his film, and that was it. I didn’t ask anymore questions about it.”

Favorite prospect in the class…Odell Beckham. I always thought he played lower classification ball and that he ran by people, but now I know better. I see him in person and watch him catch and move, and you can’t compare him to anyone else. He’s going to make a quick impact.”

Rooming with… “Me, Odell, Ronald Martin, and Jermauriah Rasco.”

Closest with… “Odell. That’s my boy. We started getting close after I committed. We were trying to get him, so I went and trained with him a few times over the years. That made our chemistry that much better. We really felt comfortable around each other, and now we are pretty close.”

Jersey number… “I have to go with 80. It was just kind of a legacy thing at Lutcher. Everyone in my family had worn 80. I wanted to be exactly like my brother growing up. At LSU, look how fortunate I am. There are greats before me that have worn that number. That leaves big shoes to fill. I plan on stepping in and wearing it well, though.”

What he’s most looking forward to with summer workouts… “I have been dying to get some contact. That’s one thing that I want to get in soon.”

How he views himself on the field… “(Offensive coordinator) Coach Kragthorpe said I am a guy who moves around a lot. He said he could get it to me quickly so that I can be elusive and show that ability. Either way, short or downfield, I will catch it and make something out of it. I guess you can say I want to be a go-to guy. I don’t have to get it all the time, but just someone who the quarterback can trust in crunch time.”

On comparisons to former LSU receiver Josh Reed… “That was before my time, and I hadn’t watched a ton of footage on Reed, but a guy like that wins a Biletnikoff out of LSU, so I have to idolize his game. I watched an Alabama game where he caught like 12 out routes for however many yards, and that’s my game, too. I compare my game with Hines Ward, for the size and catching abilities, but also the blocking ability. I love the contact. You have to bring that to your game. You can’t be one-dimensional and think you will be wide open all the time. That’s the thing I believe in.”

Relationship with Steve Kragthorpe… “We talk a lot. Coach K first got in and we talked on the phone a good bit. Once spring started he told me he would slack off on recruiting and then focus all his efforts on quarterback development. I believe in his scheme from everything I have seen so far.”

Excited about the opener… “The Oregon game is something I can’t get off my mind. It’s two tops teams with Championship hopes. It will be crazy to come out of that tunnel for the first time in purple and gold. I hope I can bring life to that place. I might be quiet and get work in at practice, but once those lights come on there won’t be holding back.”

Favorite movie… “I have seen so many movies, but one of the best is Remember the Titans.”

Favorite NFL team… “I am not really an NFL guy, but if I had to go with someone it would have to be Eagles. I am a huge Michael Vick fan. I love how he adds that new dimension to the game. Then look at what he has been through. It shows he has no father and came up playing ball, and that relates to my life. Then he made mistakes later in life, but at the same time he is doing what he can to change that. I see him as a positive figure in the NFL.”

Favorite NBA team… “I ride with LeBron James. The Heat.”

Favorite college team… “Oregon. I was obsessed with them growing up. The uniforms were so intriguing. Then they got all the Nike stuff. But then the recruiting process started and everything that comes with it, and I felt like LSU was the best place for me. And Oregon said I had bad hips (laughing). I can’t wait until that game.”

Hottest celebrity… “I will go with Meagan Good.”

Middle Name… “Charles. And I already know people are going to laugh.”

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