Jefferson's lawyer wants suspension lifted

Lewis Unglesby hopes that LSU coach Les Miles will reconsider his suspension of starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson.

Baton Rouge defense attorney Lewis Unglesby isn’t used to representing clients involved in bar fights, but that changed when LSU starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson was arrested by the Baton Rouge Police Department last Friday on charges of second-degree battery – a felony in Louisiana.

Shortly after Jefferson and backup linebacker Josh Johns were bonded out of prison, both Tigers moved on from Nathan Fisher and hired new representation.

Jefferson settled on Unglesby – one of the most well-known attorneys in Louisiana.

Soon after he took Jefferson on as his client, Unglesby used one word to describe the case.


“If you took away LSU football players, especially a name like Jordan Jefferson, would we be talking about this?” said Unglesby on Tuesday afternoon. “Would the police be doing all this work, or any?”

With new video evidence and new witnesses to corroborate Jefferson’s claim to innocence, Unglesby said that the case should turn in a new direction.

“We got a video, which we have sent to LSU, of what is going on inside the bar,” Unglesby said. “We have affidavits from people who saw what occurred inside the bar and outside.

“We found some other witnesses that said Jordan didn’t do anything.”

Unglesby also questions the legitimacy of one of the alleged victim’s claims regarding Jefferson’s involvement in an altercation in the parking lot that led to Jefferson allegedly kicking Andrew Lowery in the head.

“It looks like the alleged victim, Andrew Lowery, is in a fight with a kid inside the bar, then his girlfriend, then he is kicked out, then according to witnesses he gets in another fight, then eventually he claims to wind up in a confrontation trying to break things up,” Unglesby said.

Unglesby has petitioned to LSU coach Les Miles to lift the suspension on Jefferson, which would allow the senior quarterback to return to the football team as the case works itself out. Jefferson is currently not practicing with the team.

“The reason he’s suspended is that he’s charged with a felony,” Unglesby said. “We just want to educate everyone on the idea that an accusation is nothing but that.

“We are hopeful that we can anticipate LSU’s concerns. They haven’t given us any specificity.”

With the season opener against No. 3-ranked Oregon approaching fast, Jefferson won’t be with the Tigers this weekend.

And if the suspension isn’t lifted, Unglesby fears that the legal process could drag out long enough to keep Jefferson sidelined throughout the season.

“(East Baton Rouge District Attorney) Hillar (Moore) is hamstrung by multiple things,” Unglesby said. “He has to get information from city police, and that may be six weeks.

“They could have taken all the time they wanted to investigate before they charged (Jefferson) with a felony. It’s just unnecessary.”

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