Monday chat recap

Check out what was asked and answered during our weekly Monday chat

Randy Rosetta: Alrighty, let's get this thing going.




WaltdaTiger: Did you all have lunch with Les already?  injury update?


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – Hebert is day-to-day, Hurst, Loston and Brockers are likely.



Wmhajjar: Are there any other teams that we see this year that runs a similar type of Spread as WV?


CDCNAM: bend don't break...need to tackle better though


Randy Rosetta: wmhajjar – Nam hit it on the head. Tackling needs to be better – especially 1-1 in the open field. LSU won't play an offense quite like that the rest of the season. Arkansas is similar, but won't have the mobile, move-the-pocket QB that WVU had.


CDCNAM: It was similar to how we played against Oregon. Geno was just much quicker getting the ball out and much more accurate. We'll rev up the blitzes against Newton against this weekend. You're likely to see the same defense against Florida. They threw shorts routes to Rainey and Demps all day against Tenn.


Randy Rosetta: Nam – Smith was quick at releasing the ball at times, but the reluctancy to rush him also burned LSU a few times when he had so long to sit back there and hunt down a receiver. The DBs held up reasonably well most of the game coverage-wise (not counting K.Hatcher).


Wmhajjar: Bend But don’t break is fine as long as it holds.  My concern is that those missed tackles will result in scores for FL or AL.

CDCNAM: Austin is similar to Rainey and Demps in stature an ability. I hope it woke up our DBs


CDCNAM: Holgerson's a good coach, I think he had Chavis off balance whether to rush or not. We blitzed early but it didn't really get us anywhere.




WaltdaTiger: Shea, you are very confident on Collins.  90-10 sure?


Shea Dixon: I just feel confident because of all the connections to LSU. I would say right now it's a 75-percent thing. If Alabama's defense keeps looking like they have and they win the MNC, well...




WaltdaTiger: Tiger sleep walking this early Saturday?


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – Yeah there will be some cobwebs to shake out and Kentucky is, shall we say used to the early games. But the talent difference and motivation for LSU will more than make up for the early kick.




WaltdaTiger; Shea how good is the big ol from Karr?  He looks like he needs Moffitt in the worst way


Shea Dixon: Derek Edinburgh has already come a long way physically from the summer after his sophomore year, where he really needed to clean up his weight and technique. I think he's a guy that Moffitt could do a lot with because of his size. Moffitt will get him a little more lean, then he'll be moving a lot better. Time is on Edinburgh's side in this one.




WaltdaTiger: Claiborne staying or going?


Shea Dixon: I think Claiborne goes pro after this season. He will test very well in combines, and by the end of this season he will be talked about as one of the nation's top CBs. He will get tested a little more than Peterson was, so he will have a chance to put together some decent numbers.




WaltdaTiger: Fla. is going to win the east


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – I keep looking at South Carolina and wondering which team will show up each week. Great defense last week, but very little offense. Before that, the offense was explosive and the defense was a siv.


WaltdaTiger: Garcia gives the ball away.  Fla, like us and Ala is very oportunistic.




Wmhajjar: Should we as fans expect that a QB should be better at blocking?  The reverse might have worked if JL was able to hold off the WV end for a little longer.


WaltdaTiger: We need no QB blocking, thanks.


Randy Rosetta: wmhajjar – To me any block or semblance of one you get from a QB is icing on the cake. That play was sniffed out before Lee's attempt at a block, so it wouldn't have mattered.


CDCNAM: JJ had a nice downfield block on Barron on that Peterson end around last year to get him another 5 or so yards


Randy Rosetta: NAM – Yeah Jefferson did have a nice block. Could serve him well if he gets a shot in the NFL as a WR or TE.


WaltdaTiger: JJ has less of a shot in the NFL than I do.


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – As a QB, not a good shot. But if he shifted to TE in particular and was willing to work, I think he'd get a try.


WaltdaTiger: RR, we agree to disagree.  He would have to put on 25-35 lbs.  No one wants that project in the NFL.


WaltdaTiger: p.s.....willing to work is another problem.  He didn't look at film for 24 months from what I hear.


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – Speaking from experience, if JJ gets married, he'd automatically pack on 20-25 pounds. So maybe that's an option.


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – Yeah, the working hard is a major caveat.


WaltdaTiger: Yep, he has a great shot at getting married.  A far greater shot than TE in the NFL.




WaltdaTiger: you think Ford is a better pure RB at running the ball than Ware.  Ware is good, no doubt.  Just interested in your take.


Randy Rosetta: I think Ford does some things better than Ware and is more explosive. I think Ware does a lot more things better than Ford – high on the first is pass protection – and is a safer bet for most of the formations LSU utilizes.




Deweycheatemnhow: Have either of you found out more information why certain players were missing from the trip to WVA?


Randy Rosetta: dewey – Not yet. We will do some checking this week.




Chineesebandits: We have sec experience in every position except QB. Lee is doing such a great job, how do we get Mett some game time reps?  Tough schedule ahead & if Lee gets dinged can Mett get the job done?


Randy Rosetta: bandit – Eventually Mettenberger should get some snaps -- this week is a possibility. And whether he can be consistent getting the job done is a big question mark at this point. Not doubting that he could, but it's still yet to be proven.




WaltdaTiger: Any further info on the rumored transfers?  Who was it....Turner and Gore?


CDCNAM: I can't ever see a kid like Gore being a significant part of a Les Miles offense unless he's got Warrick Dunn type smarts, toughness and talent




WaltdaTiger: RR, your favorite Miles quote ever please.


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – That's tough. I guess I could say the entire 83-second diatribe at the Georgia Dome when the Michigan stuff was swirling.


Shea Dixon: My favorite was "Have a nice day"


WaltdaTiger: Have a GREAT day...come on Shea


Randy Rosetta: 'Have a great day' is good by itself, but better when you put it at the end of the whole thing.




CDCNAM: is Avery still taking his official this weekend?


Shea Dixon: I thought Avery had rescheduled his official visit for the Florida game. I will double check.




WaltdaTiger: Shea, anyone blowing it up in LA HS that might be a late jump on the radar guy like Bennie for example?


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – If Diggs was on, I bet he'd have a suggestion.


WaltdaTiger: RR, meaning?


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – Diggs is an assistant coach at Walker High and Carlton Perkins has kind of blown up so far this season.


WaltdaTiger: ah, thanks.




ParishBoy1970: Any news on Paul Turner, J. Gore and Randall (qb)?


Randy Rosetta: parishboy – Not yet. We will check.


Shea Dixon: I just don't see Randall transferring considered he will play down the road and he just got to school here a few months back. Same goes for Paul Turner. Gore might be a different answer. I will dig on all three when we go to player interviews at 2


Randy Rosetta: I've not heard anything about Jerrard Randall being unhappy either. Curious that he wasn't on the travel roster last week, but I don't think there's anything to read into that.




Chineesebandits: Do we have the personnel to improve our Linebacker play, or is it just inexperience @ position?


Randy Rosetta: bandits – biggest problem at LB right now is experience. There's talent and depth, but a lot of those guys jus haven't taken many snaps. I'll be surprised as LSU gets into facing more traditional offenses if there isn't more PT for Tahj Jones, Lamin Barrow and Luke Munice and we see less of Karnell Hatcher and Stefoin Francois.


WaltdaTiger: Barrow and Muncie need more PT.  I think they both look the part


Shea Dixon: chinese – I think Minter should start playing over Hatcher a little more. Hatcher gives you speed in the pass game, but he still doesn't defend it that well. Might as well start molding Minter and giving him more reps. I also think they are pretty young behind the three seniors (Francois, Baker, Hatcher). Anxious to see how good Lamin Barrow, Trevon Randle and Tahj Jones become.


CDCNAM: With long hair and similar uni's, Muncie looks a lot like Clay Matthews.



WaltdaTiger: RR, does Miles ever go off of the record wiht you all, or does he master the "want" to talk only on the record?


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – Les has an off-the-record relationship with a handful of media. We used to have Sunday sessions with him that were pretty open and informative. Not doing them anymore.




WaltdaTiger: Morgantown atmosphere....the real deal or overrated?


Randy Rosetta: Waltda – Atmosphere was really good. Would fit in well in the SEC. Long trip, but nice area to visit.




Randy Rosetta: OK folks that's it for the short chat today. We will post a recap this evening (fingers crossed!). Thanks for weighing in. We are contemplating doing more chats but shorter like this.



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