Miles from weekly SEC coaches teleconference

Tigers' coach talks No. 1 ranking, Texas A&M's addition, night game vs. day game at Tiger Stadium

LSU coach Les Miles took his time on the SEC coaches teleconference Wednesday morning, and here are some excerpts:


Opening statement

“We’re looking at Kentucky and realize they’re a very talented team. We feel like there’s a strong SEC opponent and one the guys are enjoying preparing for. Being home in Tiger Stadium will be something again our team is looking forward to.”


On being ranked No. 1

“Feel like it’s a compliment to the team and a compliment to the program. Realize it’s just a spot right now. It’s certainly not a mark of final achievement in any way. Our guys are encouraged by the comparison and look forward to playing to that goal. We realize that it’s just a position that we hold currently.”


On how the addition of Texas A&M could impact recruiting

“It should make Texas an SEC opportunity, and now instead of going into Texas and being an SEC school from that conference that’s right outside the borders, now the SEC in my opinion will be the home conference for the state of Texas.”


On the possibility of not playing every SEC West opponent with the addition of Texas A&M because of an of number of teams in the division

“I think that’s not right. I would consider that if you’re going to name a Western Division champion that certainly you’d want to play the guys in your division.”


On playing a day game this weekend

“I think there’s an enjoyment to playing at Tiger Stadium at night. There’s no question we certainly enjoy that. I think there’s some advantages to playing a day time as well. I think our guys going to be fired up. I don’t think there’s going to be any difference in our crowd. Our crowd gets motivated irrespective of the time.”


On how important running the football is

“We’ve always felt like running the football was a fundamental that must happen on the offensive side. There’s going to be times in every game where you must run the football to control the clock, you must run the football to secure short yards and certainly the opportunity to run the football in the goal-line area is fundamental. It breeds a toughness and a want to man up and be physical. I think it’s a very positive piece and need of offensive football. I think it makes the defense that goes against you tougher and it’s a way you can manage the game with the ball in your hands.”

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