SIX-PACK: With Bob Redman

Fightin' publisher fields this week's questions about the battle between No. 17-ranked Florida and the No. 1 Tigers.

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1. How deflating was the loss to Alabama last week, especially the way the Crimson Tide was able to dominate physically?

It was an eye-opener for this team. We all know the Gators had not really played anyone of consequence, but they did seem to play well and dominated the opposition until this week. Will Muschamp pointed out Monday that both lines of scrimmage were dominated Saturday and that is where the game was lost big time.

This is a young team that can go either way in terms of emotion. There are only 10 seniors on the whole roster and only four start, so trying to get their emotions in order is going to be a tall task for this coaching staff. Now they also have to rally around a freshman starting at quarterback, which could be a good thing or bad.

This is not a good scenario heading to a road game against the top team in the country.

2) With John Brantley likely out of action, how does the Gators' offense change with Jeff Driskel and/or Jacoby Brissett at quarterback against another nasty defense like LSU's? Could we see a Trey Burton package as well?

Muschamp said that Driskel will start, but he is a little dinged up as well. I think you are going to see a lot of things going into this week. The moving parts around the quarterback are all pretty healthy, so I would imagine we will see packages designed for two or three different quarterbacks in this game.

Driskel is actually a really good runner and would be an outstanding option quarterback to run the wildcat, but I think they need to simplify things for him and Muschamp pretty much said they will. Therefore, they should design some plays or a series of plays for another quarterback or two like Brissett, or Trey Burton, or Tyler Murphy.

3) Regardless of who the QB is, how much does the Florida offense depend on a speed advantage with Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey and how do the Gators adjust against a defense like the Tigers, which has been able to neutralize speed for the most part?

This is the issue they ran into Saturday with Alabama and they couldn't solve it. Two backs that average 100 yards per game each were held to 4 yards each. I think while Bama's backers are bigger, LSU's are faster. So, I think Florida almost has to run inside the tackles and not try and get wide on this defense.

Screen passes would be another thing and Florida has been pretty good with the short passes to the backs. I think this is something they have to play very smart with but make sure they utilize.

Florida coach Will Muschamp returns to Tiger Stadium
4) What differences have you seen in the Florida defense with Will Muschamp as the architect?

Before this week I thought Florida was going to be a run-stuffing defense, even against the better teams. I think the linebackers were made to look average (which they aren't) by the style of runner that Trent Richardson is at Alabama. They have to play their assignments and gaps and Richardson was slick enough to get them out of that and make big plays.

Muschamp's defense should be more aggressive than it was against Bama. I thought they played too much nickel against a team that doesn't throw the ball very well. I think we still see just as much nickel or more against LSU. But, the linebackers have to play better assignment football.

5) Since this game has evolved into such a competitive rivalry (going back to 2005 when Les Miles and Urban Meyer arrived), is there one meeting that stands out in your mind as the signature game?

I think that 2007 game was a great one. LSU went on to win the national championship that year, but Tebow and company gave them all they wanted in his first year as a starter. I remember the cell phone incident where Tebow was being harassed by LSU fans all week and when he scored he raised his hand up like he was talking on a cell phone.

Miles pulled a million rabbits out of the hat that day including five fourth-down conversions and LSU won on their way to the title, but it was a great game for both sides.

6) How do see this game playing out?

It is back to guess work time for this Gator football team. We know the quarterback situation is going to be unsettled, but now there are questions on both lines of scrimmage that weren't there as late as Friday.

The Gators should be most worried about the Florida offense right now, and we are going to probably see some surprises in terms of personnel on that side of the ball. I think Florida will try and keep things real simple and run the clock on offense for this game.

On defense, I think this is a better matchup for Florida than Alabama, but Florida will be tested more through the air. I think the Florida secondary has grown up quite a bit, so we shall see how that shakes out.

I'm going to say the scoring will be low, because I think Florida will run some clock, but I will say LSU wins 17-7 at this point in time.

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