Holmes, Louis excited to get to Baton Rouge

LSU's trio of commits from Breaux Bridge, Kavahra Holmes, Lamar Louis and Travin Dural, try to make as many games as possible at Tiger Stadium. Last weekend's Florida game was no different, a trip that showed them an atmosphere they had not experienced so far this season.

LSU’s trio of commits from Breaux Bridge High School, Kavahra Holmes, Lamar Louis and Travin Dural, try to make as many games as possible in Tiger Stadium. 

Last weekend’s Florida game was no different, a trip that showed them an atmosphere they had not experienced so far this season.

“It’s always a big matchup when it’s another SEC team that LSU’s playing, especially when it’s Florida or Alabama,” Louis said.  “Those are the two top teams I like to watch when LSU’s playing. It’s some big games.  Just watching LSU and watching them win by the margin they won by, I mean, that was amazing, cause you’re not going to see LSU blow out Florida like they did too many times.

“I think that’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

There were plenty if positives in the Tigers’ 41-11 win over the Gators, and Louis said the group was impressed by a few different aspects of the game.  

“LSU controlled the game from the jump,” Louis said.  “Right at the beginning of the game Florida couldn’t get a play off and that was really impressive to me, especially how many rushing yards (Chris) Rainey and (Jeff) Demps had. They consider those guys two of the fastest guys in college football, so that was amazing, you know, just how LSU controlled the game from the beginning to the end.”

Holmes said of the afternoon in Tiger Stadium: “The discipline. The effort they put towards their ability to play. I mean, their IQ was very high and they had great technique towards Florida. They executed really well up and down the field running the ball and catching the ball.”

It is special to be able to continue their football career together, but the trio of Tigers is also excited about their future teammates that span not only the state of Louisiana, but also the country.

Each Saturday they have the opportunity to meet up with other LSU commits and talk about their new team.

“Most of those guys we talk to on a weekly basis,” Louis said.  “The only difference is I don’t get to see them every day like I see Kavahra and Travin. As far as friendships, we’re all already good friends.”

Holmes agreed that building these relationships early would help the commits with their chemistry on the field once they all get to LSU.

“Being around all of them, besides the Breaux Bridge team, it’s a great thing for me meeting new friends and getting to know them better,” Holmes said. “It’s great getting to know my future friends and teammates.”

Louis, who plays both sides of the ball as a running back and linebacker, says he has some extra bragging rights each weekend because he will be enrolling in January to get his career as a Tiger started early.

“Every time I come to a game I just feel more at home and I can call LSU my home and Death Valley my field,” he said.

For Holmes, each game in Death Valley is just a reminder of what he wants to accomplish once he becomes an LSU Tiger.

“It’s like I’m one step closer to my dream,” he said. “It’s like taking small steps – I’m almost here. Every game I just feel like I’m one step closer to actually being on the field in the stadium around that exciting atmosphere.”

Sidelined with a sprained ankle in last week’s 42-7 win over St. Martinville, Louis is ready to get back on the field when the 6-0 Tigers face Teurlings-Catholic on Friday night.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of running back lately because one of our running backs went down with a broken leg,” Louis said.  “I’m probably going to start at running back. I’m just looking to have a breakout game since I didn’t play last week, so I’m really excited.”

After his 6 catches, 108 yards and one touchdown last week, Holmes is also hoping for another breakout performance on Friday.

“I want two touchdowns and I want to go over 130 yards,” he said.  “I want that 130 yards.”

Dural was not in attendance for last week’s Florida game but said he would definitely be there with his teammates next weekend when LSU takes on Auburn.


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