Tigers perched on top of BCS poll

LSU ranked No. 1 in initial rankings of the season that determine who plays for national championship

LSU, Alabama take top 2 spots in BCS

Some quick quotes from LSU coach Les Miles from his appearance on ESPN’s BCS show Sunday night after the No. 1-ranked Tigers were christened the top team in those rankings, which made their 2011 debut.

--- On being No. 1 in the initial BCS poll of the season

“It’s a great compliment to our team and certainly to the body of work. Right now we’re just holding a spot.”

“What we’ve accomplished to this point is just not enough.”

“Once thrust in that position, you might as well enjoy it.”

“We’ll take it if nobody else needs it.”

--- Miles said he’s not worried about his team looking ahead to the gamr with No. 2-ranked Alabama on Nov. 5.

He said the Tigers were focused on “a Tennessee team we thought was very talented” this weekend.

“ We think Auburn is much more so,” he said.

--- On the two-quarterback system with Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson now apparently in place for the Tigers offense:

“There’s different skills and different skill sets. We like Jarrett Lee certainly to start the game and a great majority of the circumstances. I think Jefferson’s background and ability allows him to come in and play with equal experience. There are a number of times when you feel like a more mobile quarterback and an ability to throw it might well give you a change of pace for a drive. It’s really what’s best for the offense. What’s seen as the best tactic moving the football in that specific drive, that’s how we’ll go."                                        

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