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After a busy week of cyberspace trash talk, Montgomery vows to tone it down

Trash talk has become a multi-platform tool in today’s world, not the least of which is the Twitter-verse.


A handful of LSU players have certainly taken full advantage, especially last week leading into the Tennessee game.


The two busiest tweeters were Tyrann Mathieu and Sam Montgomery. That’s likely to change from now on.


“Yes, I have been talked to about that,” Montgomery said with cat-that-swallowed-the-canary smile. He said he’d been scolded by defensive line coach Brick Haley, Les Miles and LSU’s media relations staff.


“It was just one of those juice things, just like the Oregon game. This was another game where I was very high in emotion. Sometimes you lose a little bit of grip on reality. It was just a very emotional week for me.”


Mathieu’s tweets were more inflamatory, which had a ripple effect on his secondary mates.


Cornerback Morris Claiborne and safety Eric Reid are both on Twitter, but neither has been guilty of jostling opponents.


“I’m not a big tweeter … twice a week maybe,” Claiborne said. “I just can’t find the right things to say.”


Added Reid, “I’m on Twitter, but when it comes to football I don’t talk about it.”


That may become the norm.


Reid said Miles addressed the impact of Twitter Monday, reminding his team that it’s better off letting its actions speak.


Brandon Taylor has preached the same sermon often, especially to Montgomery and Mathieu.


The elder statesman of the Tigers’ defense, Taylor is usually the one steering those two away from trouble on the field.


“He’s always after Sam,” Claiborne said chuckling. “He’s always following Sam around and making sure he doesn’t get into anything.”


To his credit, Montgomery tends to listen.


“He tells me to calm down, relax, chill out bro,” Montgomery said. “He’s been there before. He’s older. I tend to let my emotions take me over.”

Brandon Taylor: Senior safety keeps peace with more vocal teammates


Taylor  said he has no qualms about pulling teammates away from situations that are ripe for trouble.


Especially the loquacious Montgomery.


“That’s just something I do because I hate 15-yard penalties,” Taylor said.
“That means we have to stay on the field longer.


“With Sam, I tell him to go at that person on the next play as hard as you can. He listens. He’s just an emotional player.”


As for Twitter, Taylor wants no part of it.


“I don’t have a Twitter,” he said. “I don’t get into it really. I’ve got too much going with school and coming over here and my family.


“I hear about it a lot and I get to see what they’re tweeting. Sometimes I see what they’re saying and I say ‘Nah, we don’t need that.”





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