Miles & Saban on SEC coaches call

Both coaches involved in Saturday's SEC showdown tread carefully during the weekly SEC call

With Wednesday at hand, that means the SEC coaches were on the phone talking.

Predictably, LSU's Les Miles and Nick Saban of Alabama were close to the vest in their 10-minute sessions.

But there were some highlights, including Miles taking over briefly as the call moderator when some technical difficulties intervened.

Here are some of the nuts and bolts.

Les Miles

On why his team is successful in close games:
"In this league you play in so many close games that you understand it. So many times during the game you can be up and down. So many times we kind of focus on just playing like we play. Our guys, they've been on the road, they've been in tight games, they've been in big games, they kinda understand and if there is an advantage that's probably it."

On if he changed anything during the bye week:
"I get a little more sleep. I make sure in the open week I get caught up."

Les Miles
On the differences between his and Saban's approaches:
"I want my guys focused. I don't want the distraction of not being focused to be a distraction. "

On the two defenses that will take the field Saturday:
"It's going to be a challenge to mount consistent drives against either of those defenses."

On whether he consciously tries to keep his team loose:
"I don't think anybody needs to ease the pressure with this group. They kind of enjoy these games. There's nothing calculated on my part. It's more the feel of the day and the want to communicate to my team what I would think is relevant. I don't think you have to loosen them up. They come to work with a pretty even mind and understand it's going to take some work to get through this practice."

Nick Saban

On what he adjusted during the bye week:
"I kind of stay in the same routine and function the same way."

Nick Saban
On a strange question about LSU's quarterbacks struggling in last season's 24-21 victory:
"I don't think their quarterbacks struggled against us last year. They played really well and that was a big difference in the game."

He later praised Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson and said their "different styles create a lot of preparation stuff."

On constantly adjusting as a coach:
"As coaches we're all trying to evolve, and as soon as somebody does something somewhere … coaches kind of research it and find out how they can implement it or use or it or how they have to defend it."

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