LSU commitments talk Alabama game

What are the current commits thinking about this weekend?

Avery Johnson – WR – “LSU will win. I just can't wait to go to LSU and play in Death Valley and play in front of 92,000 and score touchdowns for LSU, and we will win a national championship. GEAUX TIGERS!!!”

Travin Dural – WR – “I think LSU should win by two touchdowns. Their defense is too good. They’ll stop Trent Richardson.”

Kavahra Holmes – WR – “I am more than excited. We are having a big get together for the game. I am pumped. I am just ready to see the schemes they pull on Alabama. It will boil down to defense. To me Tyrann Mathieu will talk and motivate them, and Brandon Taylor and Mo Claiborne, they will do well. In my opinion, I think LSU will blow them out. I honestly think so. If Bama scores, it will be no more than 14.”

Davante’ Bourque – RB – “This LSU vs. Alabama game is going to be a very close game, but I know LSU will hit them big offensively and defensively to pull off this win. LSU ALL THE WAY!”

Dillon Gordon – TE – “It’s a big game. Maybe the biggest game yet. I’m so excited and I’m not even playing in the game. It’s two evenly matched teams going against each other, but I think Bama can’t compete with LSU. The LSU (defensive) front is unstoppable, and Richardson won’t have anywhere to run. LSU will prevail faithfully.”

Vadal Alexander – OL – “I can’t wait to see the game. It will be a game won in the trenches. Which ever o-line and d-line plays better will determine the outcome.”

Danielle Hunter – DE – “I think LSU is going to win because the defense is going to shut down the run and secondary will be picking the ball off. LSU’s offense will be executing its plays well and overall I think it will be a good game, but LSU is going to come out on top.”

Torshiro Davis – DE/OLB – “I don’t know who will win, but I know it will be one of those games that you will hate yourself if you miss it.”

Ronnie Feist – LB – “I am looking forward to seeing a very physical game, and I would love to see the swagger come out of the defense in a dominate performance.”

Lamar Louis – LB – “I believe the team who wins this game will be a national champion this year. This is the game of the year. This is a big test. It will test more than talent. It will test coaching, unity, speed, will, and every other aspect of the game. The better TEAM as a WHOLE will win this one. You already know who I'm going for: #teamLSU.”

Trey Granier – LB – “I can’t wait to be a part of something big like what is taking place Saturday night.”

Derrick Raymond – CB – “I pick LSU to win. I don’t think Bama will be able to move the ball much on LSU's defense. LSU’s offense is too explosive. I don’t see Bama winning this game.”

Dwayne Thomas – CB – “I think LSU will win 24-17 with a great comeback in the fourth (quarter). A save by the defense with a pick-six or forced fumble returned gives LSU the win.”

Jalen Mills – CB – “I think these are two well matched teams, but LSU has more threats on offense than Bama. LSU just has to control the crowd.”

Reid Ferguson – LS – “The LSU game this weekend will definitely be one for the ages. It’s been a long time since two teams have dominated college football like LSU and Alabama have. I can’t wait to be in that great atmosphere.”

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