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LSU's coach was in a the right mood to talk after his team downed Alabama 9-6 in overtime in a battle of No. 1 vs. No. 2.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – In the wake of No. 1-ranked LSU’s 9-6 overtime win against Alabama Saturday, Tigers coach Les Miles was relieved, respectful, playful and relaxed.


Just like he had been the week leading up to the historic clash of No. 1 vs. No. 2.


Here’s a sampling of his session with the media after the game.


On sticking with Jordan Jefferson most of the second half after Jarrett Lee threw his second interception:


“Just kind of felt like in this game a couple of scrambles made differences. Just moving the chains in this game may well have been an advantage. He gave us a little something there.”


On what Lee’s role will be moving forward:


“We’ve gotten this far with two quarterbacks He’s made a tremendous contribution. He will continue to be a key contributor. I really haven’t given any thought to it more than that.”


On whether he was loose during the game and if that played a role:


“That is not even relevant (laughing). Who cares? I didn’t sleep worth a dang all week. Last night I slept pretty good and, hell I was exhausted. It was a nice hotel we stayed in. Up in Birmingham. I’ll tell you about it some time.”


On Michael Ford’s impact in the game, especially on the option:


“Michael Ford, his eyes get wide and he likes to play in these games. We pitched him a couple of balls and we could see it and we went back to him. He ran hard and played ball security and it went right.


“We knew that that defense was a big strong group and felt like making them run sideline-to-sideline would give us an advantage at some point. Ford catches a pitch and takes that perimeter very, very well. Felt like it was a good piece to mix. Felt like we should’ve got more inside. I know those guys are good but we’ve gotta block better.


On the adjustments after the game went off script:

“We put the special adjustments in (smiling).”


On why he had high expectations from his team’s offense against Alabama’s stingy defense:

“We have a disease. It’s called preparation. As soon as you prepare you feel like you’ve got it right and you feel very confident about it. It’s not necessarily the number that you put on it, it’s a feel that this thing is going to right and we have the right plan. I don’t know that we did now that I look back. Maybe we had the right plan just the wrong defense we were playing against.”

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