'Lunch with Les'

Tigers coach Les Miles fields questions in his Monday luncheon

While the talk about LSU's two quarterbacks dominated Monday's "Lunch with Les" media session, there were some other storylines when Les Miles fielded questions.

Here's a rundown on the other key points that came up with the Tigers' head man Monday.

  • On LSU's infamous last trip to Oxford, which ended with the time management meltdown:
    "We did a couple of things immediately thereafter differently. There are those things that you learn from and certainly we learned from that one."

  • On what he did when he had to attack a similar challenge to what Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt faces preparing a 2-8 team for the Tigers:
    "The piece is how you play football and how you want to be remembered and who you are. It's much more personal. To me, it's a difficult piece because without the view of that bowl game, it's a difficult piece to motivate them.

    Houston Nutt

  • On facing Nutt for perhaps the final time with the Rebels' coach on his way out:
    "I have always enjoyed the way he's prepared his teams. They've always been extremely competitive. I would expect that this team will be prepared in the same fashion."

  • On a strong performance by sophomore middle linebacker Kevin Minter against Western Kentucky:
    "Kevin is like a lot of guys. When you are in the program, over time your skills progress and you're more capable. He is playing very, very well. He's a very physical middle linebacker and understands our calls and gives us a very capable, very talented guy in the middle of that defense."

  • On taking time to reflect on what the Tigers have accomplished so far, including reaching 10-0 for the first time since 1958:
    "I think there will be some time in my future when I might reflect on some of that stuff, but not right now. 10-0 is old news. We are all about the next one. It's a fundamental step. I think this football team will be reviewed upon the end of the season with the view of how it finished and if it finishes, it will be a very special football team."

    "We needed 10 so that we could get to this position."

  • On how and why different running backs have shared turns sparking the LSU offense:
    "We really count on the team. Spencer Ware may have been a little nicked in that (Western Kentucky) game, so we got him out of the game early. Nothing very serious, we expect him to be at practice (Monday). But the reality is we need to turn to the next guy, and the next guy at LSU is a talented man. Alfred Blue, certainly Michael Ford, that crew ran well.

    "It is one of the strengths of our football team. We can get into a game where a key drive late in the game can be manned by a guy who is talented, has fresh legs, can carry the ball with security, make you miss, and play a physical brand of football. It's one of the strengths of our team."

    Spencer Ware

  • On whether Ware could've played more against WKU:
    "We wanted (Ware) to rest. He could have stayed in the game and played. He is tougher than nails. We didn't want to test him there. It was a specific injury that we saw."

  • On the injured Tigers who sat out the Western Kentucky game – guard Josh Williford and Kendrick Adams:
    "I think both guys could have played last week, and I think both guys will be in practice this week. I certainly anticipate both could be cleared and ready for play early this week."

  • On keeping his team focused:
    "I think they understand it's all about the finish. To put themselves in position where they are at right now and to continue is the issue. I'm not surprised that this team wants to be a championship team. I'm not surprised how they practice and how they look at it on a day-to-day basis. The good news is we are in that position based on that. Now it's an opportunity to finish."

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