LSU growing on Skinner

Patterson's Deondre Skinner likes what he heard from the LSU staff at Junior Day.

After signing John Curtis 6-foot-5, 250-pound tight end Dillon Gordon and with the potential of adding 6-foot-5, 245-pound Airline tight end John Thomas, the LSU coaching staff has its sights set on adding at least one tight end from the 2013 class.

In the early stages of the recruitment process, three Louisiana prospects have jumped to the top of the list.

Two have already picked up scholarship offers: 6-foot-4, 220-pound Desean Smith from Barbe-Lake Charles and 6-5, 230-pound Edna-Karr rising senior Standish Dobard. That means the watch is on for Patterson's Deondre Skinner.

Skinner, at 6-2 and 220 pounds, has been a staple around the LSU program the past month, making trips to visit with the staff in both January and February.

"Everything with LSU is going good right now," Skinner said. "I went to LSU Junior Day the last two times they have had it.

"They did everything from the tour to the academic center, but I had seen most everything before. I ended up meeting some new players and just getting to know people.

"Eric Reid and Brad Wing came and talked to us, then we met with the coaches. Both trips were pretty good, though I got there late last Saturday and ended up scrambling around to make it to everything. The rain sort of messed me up."

Skinner's conversations with LSU recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson and tight ends coach Steve Ensminger left the rising senior with a time frame for how things would unfold with the Tigers.

"I talked to Coach Frank and Coach Ensminger, and they tell me I am one of the top guys they are looking at," Skinner said. "They told me to come to camp to see if I get offered or not. I will be there, for sure.

"If LSU offered, they would be at the top. Right now my top teams are LSU, Arkansas and Houston."

Gauging conversations with his former Patterson teammates, Skinner feels an LSU offer is in his future.

"I talked with Lorenzo Phillips and Kenny Hilliard and they tell me about how great LSU is and how I need to be there," Skinner said. "Lorenzo told me to ball next year and LSU will be there for me. He said LSU is home, and they think LSU will offer based on some talks with the coaches."

During Skinner's one-on-one meeting with Ensminger, the pass-catching tight end was presented with the staff's vision for the offense of the future.

"Coach Ensminger said that next year they are more of a passing team because (Zach) Mettenberger is more of a passing quarterback," Skinner said. "He told me they are going to throw to the tight ends a lot more.

"That's what I started to like about LSU."

What other recruiting stops does Skinner have on the schedule?

"I think I am going to Arkansas on March 3," he said. "I have to see when Houston is having their Junior Day, and I will be there too. Purdue wanted me to come for Junior Day, but it was tough for me to get there. I think I might get up for there for a visit.

"So far I have offers from Texas A&M and Louisiana-Lafayette."

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