Lady Tigers' dynamic duo

LSU seniors LaSondra Barrett and Courtney Jones adapt to roles off the bench.

Two LSU seniors are getting used to their new roles.

And their willingness to embrace that role could bode well for the LSU women down the stretch.

Courtney Jones and LaSondra Barrett were keys at the end of the Lady Tigers' 53-49 win against Mississippi State Thursday night.

Jones and Barrett said that they have a "Batman-and-Robin" type of relationship. Although they have not established which one is which, they have formed a bond where they are able to "play off of each other."

Barrett: 13 of her 17 points in the second half against Mississippi State

Against the Bulldogs, both players led the way with 7 rebounds.

"If Courtney is scoring, I rebound, and if I am scoring, she rebounds," Barrett said.

Thursday's game was the second in a row the two seniors came off the bench after starting until that point.

The change may have been a factor in the Tiger's recent success.

"I definitely want to focus in on making sure we get off to a great start, but not necessarily do our starters finish the game for us," LSU coach Nikki Caldwell said.

Although Caldwell does not have this dynamic duo starting, they always seem to finish the game with a spark.

"From day one, coach said starting does not matter, we are team players, and whatever needs to be done for the team, we are ready to do it," Barrett said.

In the second half, "Batman and Robin" really came into play.

With 6 minutes left on the clock the Barrett-Jones duo brought the heat with continuous rebounds and Barrett scoring 13 points.

They began to feed off with each other in a way that seemed to really set the tone of the game.

These two players showed the confidence they have for their team on and off the court. They are more concerned in doing what they are told, and being ready and prepared to prove themselves when they have their chance.

"We wanted to make sure that Courtney and LaSondra could go the distance, because we need them. They are two of our proven late game players." Caldwell said.

Barrett had a standout game against Mississippi State and proved her ability to be very diverse.

"That's the great thing about Barrett, she is so versatile," Caldwell said. "Barrett is able and ready to play any position she is told to.

Added Jones, "We have a lot of confidence in LaSondra, when we see her getting her spark going, we want to get our spark going. We do whatever we have to get her open, and it brings a lot of energy to us."

Barrett never misses her chance to be aggressive during a game and it is evident any time she is on the court. Her role is to be a leader and to step up to any challenge.

"LaSondra is one of those special players that you want to be able to utilize, but it is only going to make her better," Caldwell said. "I do feel like it gives her an advantage because she is studying more, she's watching more film, and she is definitely being a student of the game."

Caldwell said that she does do not know what different game plans may be in the future concerning the line-up, they are taking it "one game at a time."

Bailey Bigler is a sophomore public relations major in LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication. She was a volunteer for the LSU Sports Administration Office before beginning an internship with Tiger Sports Digest this semester. She moved to Baton Rouge from her hometown of Baytown, Texas.

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