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"The Recruiting Zone" launched

SEATTLE - Mindful that recruiting fans demand quick and easy access to news about their favorite teams and from their favorite scouts and analysts, has redesigned and re-launched its national football recruiting site as "<a href=>The Recruiting Zone.</a>"

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The redesign is the second phase of's consolidation of all local, regional and national recruiting coverage and analysis onto a national supersite and the move to "Zone Coverage" in football recruiting.

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While offering a national perspective on football recruiting, "The Recruiting Zone" allows fans to follow the action on a regional basis, as content also is presented by regions that previously were served by separate websites. Each zone - Southeast, Heartland, West, Midwest and Atlantic - has its own section with lead story, four additional latest headlines and a link to archived stories. Users can easily navigate to the regional coverage of their choosing by clicking a link under the "Zone Coverage" heading in the middle of the site.

"Our scouts and recruiting experts are the industry leaders, and we wanted the ultimate, most effective showcase of their work," said Jim Heckman, CEO of "This new site not only does that, it also puts all of their great coverage at the finger tips of everyone who follows recruiting, whether on a national, regional or team basis."

In addition to the insights of Jamie Newberg, the national recruiting editor for, "Zone Coverage" features the work of the industry's most respected experts – Scott Kennedy, Tom Culpepper and Larry Blustein in the Southeast Zone; David Garvin, Josh Clark, Stacey Dean and Sonny Shipp in the Heartland Zone; Greg Biggins and Chris Fetters in the West Zone; Chris Pool and Duane Long in the Midwest Zone, and Mike Bakas, Miller Safrit and Steve Curry in the Atlantic Zone.

Background information, photos and story archives for each expert can be accessed by clicking the "Staff Profiles" link near the top of the right navigation column. Email addresses for each is available by clicking the "Contact Us" link just below.

"Our guys aren't just stars in their own right, they are dedicated to covering and analyzing football recruiting as a team," said Glenn Nelson, managing editor of "This dedication guarantees the accuracy and authenticity of their work. The team approach also makes complete sense to represent their work on a single site."

Because of exclusive access to Nike Football and Elite 11 quarterback camps, is the only network that offers authentic heights, weights and speeds. The network is the official recruiting expert for, with whom it produces the High School All-America team, and syndicates recruiting information to Yahoo!Sports.

The heart of recruiting team's work is presented in the Scout database, which includes among other things, player reports, player detail pages and player Hot News. The Scout data can be accessed, by position or team context, in a list box in the right navigation column. Account information, network links, recent national Hot News, and site-specific links can be accessed by the Control Panel module such as those that appear at the top of every team site.

Links to rankings and other lists, such as national and regional Hot 100s, as well as new regional recruiting message boards, maintained and moderated by the associated experts, can be found in the left navigation column. Also found there are links to account information and other network experts.

The consolidation of regional coverage at also helps the regional experts to manage and support recruiting coverage on team sites within their zones.

"We are going to give fans the best information in the context that they want – that of their favorite teams," Newberg said. "At the same time, having it all appear on one, national site will give the fans the perspective they often crave. We're excited to be offering this kind of depth."

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