'14 TE Blazevich surprised by offer from LSU

The Charlotte tight end, who has blossomed into one of the top 2014 targets at his position, was surprised when he heard from the Tigers. He says their scholarship offer has helped his confidence as he heads into his junior season.

Jeb Blazevich will have a decision to make someday soon, and thanks to a growing body and evolving potential, that decision will have a lot more layers to it before it ever arrives.

The talented Charlotte Christian tight end emerged as one of the top 2014 prospects at his position with a solid sophomore season and has been a mainstay at camps around the South this spring and summer, picking up a bundle of scholarship offers along the way.

One of those offers came from LSU, and Tigers coach Les Miles reaffirmed his program's interest during a 90-minute sit-down with Blazevich and his family after a summer camp session earlier this month.

"He talked to us for a really long time and that was quite an honor," said the 6-foot-5, 230-pound Blazevich. "I felt like the biggest thing we learned about Coach Miles was how much he cares for his players. You could see that because there was a picture on his wall and he went played by player and talked about what each guy was doing now, about their families and how proud he was of them. That meant a lot to me because it showed me he cares about his guys after they're done playing for him."

That meeting was similar to many Blazevich has had since the school year ended, a whirlwind tour that has caught him by surprise. Clemson, Georgia and LSU were camps he spent time at this summer and he rolled unofficial visits into each road trip.

LSU's first contact was made by defensive coordinator John Chavis on a swing through the Carolinas.

"Before this last spring, nobody was really talking to me, and then when spring got here, teams I never dreamed about talking to came by and that blew me away," Blazevich said. "LSU was one that really surprised me. I thought there's no way I could play there. But after I met Coach Chavis, that gave me the confidence I could play there. It opened my eyes up that if worked hard enough, that was something I could achieve."

How Blazevich will achieve at LSU or wherever he winds up may depend on if he continues to bulk up – and where that means he'll play on the college level.

Since the end of his sophomore seasons, Blazevich has added 40 pounds of "mostly muscle" and transitioned from being a wide receiver to a tight end and linebacker/defensive end.

"I've worked hard at getting a lot bigger, but I still have athleticism, so I consider myself a big man can move like a receiver," he said.

Blazevich's sophomore statistics show that: 32 receptions for 513 yards and 6 touchdowns, with 69 tackles playing what he called more of a stand-up end position. Blazevich also developed as a blocker for a Charlotte Christian team that went 5-5.

"Right now I definitely feel like a tight end," Blazevich said. "In my heart, that's where I want to play at the next level. I love to catch the ball and feel like that's where I could help the most.

"I feel like I have good hands and can catch well and I'm big enough to get off the line of scrimmage and get open for my quarterback."

As he works towards carving a more permanent niche as a tight end, Blazevich has plenty of contemplating to do as well.

His scholarship count is up to 16: 7 SEC schools, 7 ACC schools and Michigan and Ohio State of the Big Ten.

Among those is an Ole Miss offer, which is meaningful because his grandfather, Ed Tate Parker, played for the Rebels in the 1950s. His dad, Jim Blazevich, was a kicker at Northwestern in the 1970s.

"We have a long time to gather information and make the best decision," Jeb Blazevich said, adding that his goal is to find a program with good academics, a winning tradition and that is guided by a coach with integrity.

"We're trying to keep an open mind during the season because so many things can happen. When we get through the season, then we'll really take a good look at what the different schools have to offer.

Including LSU.

"I'm going to try to make it down there for a game, and I'll definitely be taking notes every Saturday," Blazevich said. "There's no doubt LSU is high on my list."

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