Ford confident in LSU backfield

Michael Ford arrived on the LSU campus as a wide eyed freshman four years ago. Now a veteran of the SEC wars, Ford is excited about the Tigers' depth at running back for the up coming season. Ford credits LSU running backs' coach Frank Wilson for his maturation as both a player and a person.

"Coach Wilson holds us responsible to get better," said Ford. "He wants us to be students of the game.

"He expects us to study the playbook and learn all of the plays.

"Coach Wilson expects us to be accountable for everything we do."

The Leesville, Louisiana product reports that Wilson is more like a personal mentor rather than simply a position coach.

"It's not just football with him," said Ford. "He is always talking to us about everyday life.

"He teaches us in every aspect of the game and of life.

"He has talked to us about being great students and school and getting ready for fatherhood."

Speaking of being a good student, Ford is on track to compete the coursework necessary to earn his degree in December.

"I am getting real close to graduating," said Ford. "I just have one more semester left.

"If football doesn't work out, I may be back for graduate school.

"You just never know what it is going to happen."

Before the blazing back puts on his cap and gown, he has a little business to attend to on the field.

The redshirt junior believes that the Tigers' depth at running back is a huge strength for the team.

"I think we can be as good as we want to be," said Ford. "If we can all go out there and remind each other what we did to get to this point, we have the chance to be great."

"We have six quality backs and each of us bring something different to the table.

"We are all competing and encouraging each other to get better every step of the way."

"I think any guy can be a break out guy. We all practice together and I believe any one of us can be a breakout guy at any time."

News of the Tigers' selection as the nation's top team in the pre-season poll made the rounds throughout the day.

Ford asserts that these Tigers have higher aspirations than the top spot in a pre-season poll.

"We were #1 the whole season and then we lost at the end of the year," said Ford. "I am not ready to buy into any pre-season #1 rankings yet, because we haven't played anyone to prove anything yet.

"We have to go out to practice and remind each other about all of the things we have to do in order to be #1 at the end of the season and not just at the beginning. "Our goal is to get to the end and hold that crystal ball up.

"If we all work towards that, then I think everything else will fall into place for us."

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