No conclusion yet with Mathieu

Story takes more twists and turns, with a final decision looming on whether the former Tigers defensive back will transfer to another program or remain a student at LSU.

After a long day of how the Tyrann Mathieu situation turns, not much has been settled with the future of the former LSU defensive back who was dismissed from the program last week.

Media reports have bounced from one extreme to another, with evidence of at least one unidentified source telling different media members different stories.

Who's right and who's wrong? Or is there a little of all to go around?

Here's what I know:

  • Mathieu's scholarship was revoked as part of his dismissal, so he is no longer part of the football program.

  • Despite his dismissal, Mathieu was not expelled from school and could remain as an LSU student and pay his own way.

  • A source close to the LSU football program and Mathieu says the only two programs he has serious interest in transferring to are McNeese State and Nicholls State.

  • That same source also says Mathieu specifically asked LSU officials to deny contact from schools other than McNeese State and Nicholls State.

  • Mathieu has struggled emotionally with the decision whether to transfer to another program because he loves playing for LSU. No surprise there.

  • Also not surprisingly, the LSU coaches want what is best for Mathieu, whether that means transferring and then going through the NFL Draft or sitting out a season and trying to come back to LSU. In other words, the door isn't open very much, but there is a sliver of light.

    Here's what I think…

  • Mathieu would have a very hard time sitting out and not playing football.

  • Sitting out could create more temptation and opportunity to mess with whatever it is that got him in trouble to start with.

  • Should he play this season at McNeese State or Nicholls State, he'd have a chance to dominate at that level – a chance that may not be as readily at hand with LSU after what he did last season.

  • Because of his size, Mathieu's draft stock isn't going to fluctuate a whole lot. He is who he is and another big season would likely still mean a second- or third-round draft spot at best.

  • The one exception is another failed drug test or any other off-the-field misstep. He needs to keep his nose clean, regardless of where he winds up.

    Bottom line…

  • When the dust settles, I believe Mathieu will wind up at McNeese State, playing football and doing whatever he can to stay clean and walking a straight line. The NFL Draft is and should be incredible motivation for a kid has had to fight his whole life for everything he's gotten.

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