Ready to roll

LSU freshmen linebacker Trey Granier grew up cheering for the home state Tigers. Now his friends and family back him in Thibodaux, Louisiana have more than just a passing interest in the Purple and Gold. Granier has always wanted to be an LSU Tiger, so when he got the chance to put on his jersey for the first time, things just seemed to click.

"It's been amazing," said Granier. "I have been around since the beginning of summer and I have had the chance to learn a lot of the playbook.

"I have tried to surround myself with different guys who can teach me a lot of things."

There are a lot of talented names in the mix for a spot in the rotation at linebacker this fall.

Granier is taking his reps and doing what he can to put himself in a position to help the team.

"It's just about competing," said Granier. "Coach (Chavis) tells us all the time that the best will play.

"Coach Chavis believes in competition. Everyday in practice it's about competition, competition, competition.

"That's just what it's about with Coach Chavis."

Things move a lot faster on the practice field these days for Granier. Needless to say adjusting to the speed of the game has been job one, but the south Louisiana product reports that he has worked hard to acclimate to life in the SEC.

"The speed was a lot to get used to," said Granier. "Things happen a lot faster.

"The biggest thing is getting the playbook down. It's not like high school at all.

"There are a lot more reads and a lot more adjustments. I am catching on, but it's a lot to learn."

Playing at THS, Granier was able to read, react and just out athlete much of his competition.

Coach John Chavis is welding the freshman linebacker into a more cerebral player.

"It's a lot more technical," said Granier of the college game. "The things you might have been able to get away with in high school, you aren't going to be able to get away with here.

"We strive for perfection when it comes to our keys, reads and things like that."

Granier reports that his signing class has spent a lot of time getting to know each other and that they are excited about a future together in Purple and Gold.

"It's been fun, but when it's time to focus on football, we're on that," said Granier. "We just try to help each other out and help each other get better.

"I spend some time with Kwon (Alexander) because he lives beneath me, so we get together.

"It's been like that with all of the young linebackers. We all love each other.

"We see each other everyday, so we're already like a family."

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