One of the guys

Lamar Louis sat out most of his senior season, but the Breaux Bridge product got a head start on his college future by enrolling at LSU in January. Louis is one of several outstanding freshmen linebackers in Baton Rouge, so perhaps having a semester's head start will benefit the personable Louis.

"It's been great," said Louis of fall camp. "It's a great opportunity to be able to play for the home school.

"We've been #1 in most of the polls, so it's real exciting right now.

"I feel like the sky is the limit here."

LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis helped reel in an impressive group of linebackers in the 2012 class.

Louis is happy to be a part of that talented number.

"Everybody has impressed me," said Louis. "Everybody brings a little something different.

"Trey (Granier) comes in strong and he has that middle presence.

"Debo (Deion Jones) and Kwon (Alexander) bring a lot of speed.

"Lorenzo (Phillips) is a guy that gets everything down pat. He really gets his plays down.

"Everybody is real talented and everybody is working hard to do something special.

"When you get to this level, everybody is talented.

"Anything can happen, so you have to work hard to be ready when your # is called."

The freshmen linebacker was one of three Breaux Bridge players to sign with LSU In the 2012 signing class.

Louis has been friends with Travin Dural and Kavahra Holmes for many years.

Recently the trio has been too busy to do a lot of socializing.

"It's been great," said Louis. "When we're at home we see each other all of the time.

"People would think since we go to college together that we could be together all of the time, but not really.

"We all have different schedules and different obligations. We have different meetings and all of that.

"We still see each other when we have some down time. We have great relationships, but we don't just have the time we used to have."

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