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Mickey nearing decision, Quarterman impressed with LSU.

Mickey decision imminent

Jordan Mickey and his father James Wright have spent the last several months touring college campuses all over the country. They have narrowed, cut and chopped their list of prospective universities from more than a dozen, to just four. Wright said he has been waiting for one school to shine brighter than the others, thus making their tough decision an easy one. That has not happened.

With an announcement expected by the end of the month, and possibly as soon as tonight, Wright told TSD on Wednesday that they have yet to make a decision.

Mickey, a 4-star power forward from Prime Prep in Dallas, is considering LSU, SMU, Ohio State and Oklahoma State.

"I thought at the end of the day, one would just stand out," said Wright. "That hasn't happened. We are hoping to decide before the end of the week. We would like to put some closure to it. It's a blessing to be recruited the way Jordan has been, but we are ready to get back to our training regimen. It's been like an emotional rollercoaster. You spend so much time with a team and you develop a rapport with the coaches. I think Jordan can be successful at all of them, but you can just sign with one."

One advantage LSU has is that Mickey's brother, James Wright Jr., is a wide receiver on the LSU football team.

"Because of that, we are definitely more familiar with LSU and wanted to consider LSU," said Wright, who has attended all of LSU's home football games, including Mickey's official visit for the Washington game. "They are very close, but my oldest son wants Jordan to do what's best for him."

Another advantage the Tigers have is that LSU head coach Johnny Jones and assistant Robert Kirby will be the final college coaches to meet with Jordan and his family prior to their decision. Jones and Kirby are attending Mickey's basketball practice today. The family will have a meeting tonight to discuss all of their finalists.

"LSU is definitely right at the top," Wright said. "I watched Johnny at North Texas and watched him turn a program around. It's tough getting top prospects with limited resources. I can only imagine what he'll be able to accomplish at LSU with a bigger venue. LSU is known for football, but is trying to build it up in basketball. I think Johnny can do that. I really like Johnny. I think Jordan fits well in his system. Plus, his brother is down there."

Wright gave some additional comments on the other three schools:

Ohio State: "I think they can compete for a national championship this year. The only drawback is logistics."

Oklahoma State: "It's only 3 or 4 hours away from Dallas. Excellent facilities. I think they have a chance to be a top 10 team this year."

SMU: "It's only 10 minutes away from our house. SMU gets an A-plus-plus on location and an A-plus-plus on coaching. I've been an admirer of (SMU coach) Larry Brown since I was a kid. It would be an honor for Jordan to play for him."

Wright said that he believes his son would have an opportunity to start at all four schools.

"It would not be a gift. He would have to work for it. But the opportunity is there."

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LSU "wows" Quarterman

Tim Quarterman is not the talkative type. But when the 6-foot-5 point guard returned from his official visit to LSU on Sept 15 for the Idaho game, he was not shy about his experience.

"He still can't stop talking about it," said Richard Coleman, associated head basketball coach at Johnson High School in Savannah, Ga., where Quarterman is a star player and 4-star recruit. "He loved it. They wowed him."

Despite his size and versatility, Coleman said that all the schools on Quarterman's list are recruiting him at the point.

"They all want him as a pure point guard," Coleman told TSD on Wednesday. "He can play three positions. He is so versatile, but everybody is saying he's a point guard."

Quarterman is being recruited to LSU by a former point guard, LSU assistant David Patrick. Coleman said he talked with Patrick "about a week ago."

LSU is the only official visit that Quarterman has taken at this point. Coleman said he is scheduled to take official visits to George Mason, Georgetown and South Carolina. He will choose from among Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Mississippi State, Alabama, Miami and possibly others for his final official visit.

Alabama recently started recruiting Quarterman after losing its top two point guard prospects on the same day.

"(Alabama) Coach (Anthony) Grant just came by here," Coleman said.

All of the schools recruiting Quarterman have extended firm scholarship offers. He is fully eligible, with a 3.2 GPA and a qualifying score on the SAT, according to Coleman.

Quarterman will sign in November during the early period.

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