Players' Take: Florida

The LSU players have been vocal this week talking about the Gators. Check out what a quartet of Tigers had to say about youth served at Florida, the Swamp and improvements in the UF ground game.

One of the best riddles to throw at any LSU fan is to ask this simple question: Who's your biggest rival?

Depending on the year or era, it's been Ole Miss, Alabama, Texas A&M, Arkansas. Heck it's even been Tulane at one point in time.

Seldom will you ever see Florida pop up on that list, but don't let it fool you. Year in and year out, the annual Tigers-Gators cross-division showdown is one of the most anticipated matchups of the season, especially in the last 12-15 years.

It's no different this season with both squads ranked in the top 10.

This week several LSU players have sounded off on the game, the rivalry, the Swamp and, mostly, the high talent level of Will Muschamp's group.

Here are some of the best quotes from Tiger players, including a few that recognize Florida's youth has come of age and some curious comments from linebacker Luke Muncie.

OL Josh Dworaczyk

"This SEC opponent, that's a great team, you don't want to leave anything out there (on the field) for these guys. You can't play the way we've played in previous games because things aren't going to work out the way we want them to work out. So we have to put our foot in the ground and draw the line somewhere, and it just happens to be this week. Practice has been better."

"I think they are a better defense (than they were two years ago). A lot of these guys are still playing with two years more experience now on them. When they were younger, obviously they weren't as experienced and were kind of raw. Now they've got coaching, talent, speed and the same type of intensity that I've seen on film (for the past two years). Speed is always a characteristic of Florida's defenses and being strong, physical. So I think those characteristics are the same, but I think they're more experienced. That makes them a dangerous defense."

QB Zach Mettenberger

"Being a Georgia fan growing up, Florida was one of our biggest rivals. But they're just another team in the way right now, and we've got to go out there and get the win."

"I've heard it (the Swamp) is a tough environment, a loud place. Really, if we can just work on communicating this week and can just focus during the game, it really shouldn't pose a problem. Hopefully we can go out there and execute our offense like we want to … It's another road place, and it's always tough to get a win on the road. This is no exception to the rule for sure."


"Florida's a hostile place, and they have crazy fans. This week's huge in practice. As long as we prepare and know what they're going to run, that's the biggest thing we can do."

"They have a couple of things that just give away what they're going to do. They have some little hidden tips, and if you catch those, it's the best."

"I just feel like they had a bunch of young guys last year. Now they've played, they've been around and they know how to compete and battle. They're ready to go to war, and so are we. It all comes down to Saturday, and we'll be ready."

"I feel like they just look more downhill (as far as the difference in this running game from the one under Urban Meyer). I wouldn't say physical is the word, just more downhill. It's kind of a different style of running."

WR Jarvis Landry

"They're a really great team under really great coaching. Coach Muschamp, I think he's done a great job since he entered the program over there. They are stacked defensively. They do a great job of rallying to the ball. It kind of reminds us of our defense. So we're just going to try to do things that best fit us to try and beat them."

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